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fiddy cent
And always remember girl we make mistakes
To make it up I do whatever it take
I love you like a fat kid love cake
You know my style I say anything to make you smile
/fiddy cent

black eyed peas
people killing, people dying
children hurtin, hear them crying
If we practice what we preach
would we turn the other cheek
father father father help us
need some guidance from above
cuz people got me, got me questioning
where is the love
/black eyed peas

I want a retake!!!! >_<
Bloopy! Bloopy, bloopy, bloopy! n-n
You are a Lava Lamp.
What Fruity Object Are You?

holy crap, look at the bike route I gotta do tomorrow (25k = blue one) click me

update on the becel front

muchos thanks to the following for their sponsorship!!!!


cheryl, ted, jeremy, gail, jim, mary


matt, min, wayne, elton, iola, ed, victor

played some badmitten yesterday. had to put up with ed and his CARE BEAR STARE (dammit, I spent the last half hour trying to find a picture of the care bear stare on google and got nothing! i’ll find one sooner or later). imagine ed, with his legs shoulder width apart and his hands on his hips with knees slightly bent. it’s quite a funny scene. or even better, imagine him with his hands making a motion of something shooting out of his tummy. stupid dopey bear.

kay got lots of work to do! just saying hi to everyone!! =)

steph!! getting me all addicted to this game! I feel bad for the lil character though, I’m electrocuting it like maaad!


bon jovi
Every time I look at you, baby, I see something new
That takes me higher than before and makes me want you more
I don’t wanna sleep tonight, dreamin’s just a waste of time
When I look at what my life’s been comin’ to
I’m all about lovin’ you
/bon jovi

secondly: this looks extremely entertaining. yay toronto stuff! =) so the details are june 21, ACC & Sky Dome with a whole whack of artists the lovely sarah, avril, bnl, the hip, olp, glenn lewis, sum 41. and the price is only 19.50 / 29.50. how unbelievably awesome is that?!? to see sarah and bnl?! yeeeeeeeeeah!!!
thirdly: jeremy knows I’m gonna be writing about this. work is always interesting with him around. today he was drinking his coffee and spent fifteen minutes thinking about how much he hates comic sans. the second he told me, he regretted it cuz I said this was blogging material. and that reminded him that he started his own blog, but I don’t have the url since it’s still work in progress. and just before I was about to leave, the following situation occured.
@ 4:20pm
wayne: isn’t it time for you to go home?
tee: yeps. but jeremy (my coop dude) is making some popcorn so I’m gonna stay for a bit to mooch
@ 4:22pm
smoke starts coming out from the atrium where the microwave is. the whole upper floor smells like burning, and it’s getting hazy. jeremy has to apologise to a lot of ppl that smell like fire.
@ 4:40pm
as I’m leaving, I see a firetruck pull into our visitor lot and the firemen proceed to enter the building. =)))
fourthly: is that even a word? I’m hoping to have some sushi tomolos before badmitten / ping pong, depending on whether ed ditches me cuz he’s sars chicken. =P and then I’d have to tell elton goh that there’s no badmitten… but at least I still get pingpong. yay!
fifthly: I took my bebe out of the cage yesterday, he banged his head on the way back in being all excited and freaked out. and he wasn’t happy for the rest of the night. but today he seems quite fully recovered, even climbed onto my arms and nipped at my sweatshirt. and he finally used his rock to sharpen his teeth instead of my nails.
sixthly: this is getting rediculous. last point: I’m doing the becel ride for heart on june s1st. it’s 25k down the dvp, and I was wondering if anyone was willing to sponsor me. it doesn’t hafta be a lot, I really don’t mind, but it is for a good cause. so.. lemme know! =)
kay I’m out. ciaos!

hahah I know yall loving this picture, so I’m gonna leave it up a lil while longer =) hahaha I waas gonna take it down, but I don’t have a pic to replace it with… no wait, I do! it’ll be up in a sec. anyways, I had a good weekend. got to see my baby in a tkd tourny. I should’ve roughed up that dude that crippled my sweetie *grrr!!* >_<
then we came back to mt place to change loong mao’s cage. he’s quite jittery at night, still tipping things over. =P got to watch catch me if you can, which I think is a really cute movie.
um… db practice yesterday. apparently we’re lacking boys on the team, so we brought back oosh and… these two other dudes, and I had to sit with one of them. apparently this guy has never paddled before, so his timing was completely off and his pace was just bad bad bad. and he almost tipped me outta the boat with his big fat ass. AND he punched a paddler in the head. how crazy is that? if I mention him again, I will refer to him as the crazy new guy. or new crazy guy. something with the word crazy in it. and then I got to spend more time with my baby. =) it was a really fun weekend. *hugs*
so yeah… I’m gonna go throw on the awesome picture. and here is the brief description:
this is taken shortly after matt’s birthday party downtown at red lobster. there was this awesome poster of contruction workers having fun, and this was one of them, so laine and ken joined in and I took the shot. it’s quite hilarious, but maybe you had to be there…

hunnie, let me explain…
hahaha laine’s postcard just came in. it’s actually WORSE than the last one she sent me when she went to florida. last time she sent me this postcard from disneyworld (or is it disneyland, whatever) with those robot kids from “it’s a small world after all”. this time she sent me THIS. thanks a lot biatch! hahahaha =)

update on the chinchilla front!
so my daddy was telling me how he came home for lunch today and played with loong mao for a bit, and how if daddy stuck his fingers into the cage, my baby would sniff him and go so far as to rest his front paws on his fingers. so I got all insanely jealous and had to try it out myself. and you know what I learned? my chinchilla likes nails. he never even bothered to rest his paws on my hand because he just kept nibbling away at my nails. dammit! BUT BUT BUT!!! after a while, I got him to actually sit on my hand. he climbed his whole self onto my palm. and then he saw my hairtie on my wrist. and began chewing. and pulling. and then releasing. which caused basically a snapping motion against my wrist. ow. ow. ow. and then he hopped off because I kept going “ow!!” good job… =P
what else… that’s about it really. hun’s paddling with the thing team right now, hope he’s not getting himself sick by the waters. =( and I’m gonna go have dinner and play with my baby s’more. yay!

congratulations to mr. ruben studdard, the new american idol. now the entire time I’ve been watching this show, I’ve always voted for him. but tonite I was actually hoping clay aiken would win. I mean, ruben’s adorable, he’s got the cutest smile in the world and he looks like such a kid, but have you seen him sweating out there on the stage? he honestly looks like he wouldn’t be able to take a tour from exhaustion. and I really think clay did a great job tonite, I think his voice is more powerful and he’s more sure of himself and he just… fits better. but either way, they were both amazing. I hope clay gets some sort of album deal though. I really like listening to his voice.

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