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how awesome is this? Mirvish Productions is creating this super awesome deal for anyone interested in watching their musical Mamma Mia *HINT HINT HINT* =) and enjoying a yummy kickass dinner at the 360 at CNTower (or another restaurant of your choice). PLUS you get tickets to see a Toronto Blue Jays game PLUS (for an extra $40) you can spend a night in the beautiful Fairmont Royal York (or another hotel of your choice). How kickass is that?? I heard it on the news today on my way home from work and the first thing I thought of was “yay! Mamma Mia with hunnie!!” so I’m really giddy. yay yay yay!! =)
Anyways, work day #2 was fun. I went to Tucker’s Marketplace with my Service Processes group for lunch *free buffet!!* and ate sooo much. alrite, I technically didn’t eat an AWFUL lot, but for a LUNCH meal, it was a lot! when we all got back to the building, we were SOOOO full, we all wanted to nap! We spent the rest of the afternoon half learning, half chatting about everything under the sun. They’re sooo nice! Alex (the guy that Jeremy’s replacing) is so funny, he lost his coop evaluation sheet and is scrambling to do his work report and everything, and he’s just always has interesting stories. But MAN, I cannot WAIT to finally get to use the computer on my own. I got to log on today and set up all my stuff, but didn’t have time to send out any fun emails to anyone. PLUS, omg, get this: my company OUTSOURCES their IT. crap!! and even though my supervisor asked for read write access to the servers we need, we still don’t have it, so I doubt it won’t be done for another week. outsourcing IT is just dumb. dumb dumb dumb.
and the CEO of Ericsson (who’s name I don’t know, but I still remember that the CEO of Nestle is Peter Brebeck…) just sent this mass email out to everyone being very very blunt and saying “we’re losing money, so we are not hiring new employees for the next year. but since that’s not enough, 7000 of you will lose your jobs”. no seriously!! that’s what it said in the email!! not “we may be facing job cuts” or “job reevaluation will need to happen” but “7000 of you guys will be out of a job by the end of the year”. very VERY blunt. =( It doesn’t do much for lifting the morale (sp?).
aaaaand I’ve typed too much, so now I’m going to go to sleep EARLY (like I said I would last nite but ended up NOT because … I love my family) so I can actually be more attentive at work. Kay then. gnites!

so work day #1 was fun. I got to meet the coop students I’ll be replacing and they were SO cool. seriously, we took SO many breaks, like… every five minutes or something. I also have a partner in crime. His name is Jeremy. Jeremy is a lucky bast… erm. because he has a job keep the ericsson intranet site updated and such, so he gets to work with dreamweaver, photoshop and sap and such. which I am so so so so qualified for. but I’m doing a completely different thing. and he’s majoring in east asian studies at york ‘,:| yeah. I guess my super never found another person to work with me so she just took one one of the employees’ son.
I get to work with this software called… er… cockpit communicator or something like that. the girl I’m shadowing (her name is heather) is really nice and really talkative, and I’m hoping I don’t have to be like her cuz I don’t think I can do that. and for adi: I can’t get FREE cellphones, but they do have offers for certain plans and such. I haven’t gotten around to check whether they’re really good or not tho.
anyways, there are about five other coop students with me for my term. that’s quite a bit, so I think it’ll be nice. I met another girl named christina that seems quite nice, but she’s not in my department. if jeremy and I don’t get along, I’m gonna hafta kill him. no wait, I can’t do that. damn. oh! there’s this other guy… who’s name I can’t remember but that’s besides the point. he has CANDY. and LOADS of it. he’s got this little table, where SOOO much candy sits. and you can help yourselves so long as you contribute a little cash so that he can go out and BUY MORE CANDY. mmm! =) I didn’t take any cuz I felt kinda shy, but he had those truffles that I LOOOOVE and peach rings and jelly beans and jube jubes and giant gumballs. preeeeetty cool! =) my place also has a jitz table, but I don’t think anyone plays (me and Christina are the only asian coops, and she looks very shy) so I guess I won’t be playing much. Oh, and to get into the building, you have to go through turnstiles (sp?) you know those things in the subway station? yeah, THOSE. how bizarre is that?? I guess it’s tighter security than regular glass doors, but still! what if I get stuck?? cuz you can go BOTH ways in them (in AND out) so I dunno… they’re dangerous!
yeps, that’s about it. traffic wasn’t that bad (I was reeeeally early for work) and dress code is quite light too. and my place looks SOOO nice!! kay that’s about it. gonna go call my hunnie now. *huggies* =) ciaos ppl! I’m SOOO tired!
oh! and yesterday yesterday, I went to db practice, and afterwards hunnie and I went back to his place and we went biking for a bit around his neighbourhood. I haven’t been biking in ages so I was DAMN tired by the time I was done. but I’m not sore today! yay! =) kay, s’about it. *mwa* I love my hunnie! hehehe.

I start work tomolooooooooos!!!!

update update update! I found my glasses! yay!! =)
and something from last nite (as we were leaving red lobster, laine bumped into her other friend having a birthday dinner there too)
laine: hey! happy birthday!!! *hug* you’re out of isolation!!!
me and ken: aw birthday! — eeer… *shuffling away*
and we also saw this gigantic picture of construction workers dancing and doing the limbo… it was DAMN funny. I’ll throw the picture up here when I have time. kay, too early in the morning for a long blog. when’s my db practice dammit!?

just got back from matt’s dinner. I had SO much fun, I hadn’t talked to everyone in a long long time. it was really nice seeing everyone again, we had an awful lot of laughs. =) strangely, I can’t recall many of the conversations, so I can’t relay anything here. anyways, just cuz I felt like changing the pic, there’s my penguin. tuxedo sam jr. he has an older brother, but I’m not talented enough to hold both of them together AND click the mouse button to take a picture so here’s the littler one. I was gonna take a picture of another penguin toy, but he didnt’ look as cute on camera. my daddy was gonna take a lot of my toys to give away, and granted I have SO many toys that not all of them can stay on my bed (or even in my room), I kept rumaging through the bag and finding toys that I didn’t want to give up. hehehe =)
and as promised, here are pictures from matt’s gift. I gave him a copied version of hero (thank you jamie). and I figured, since I was so cheap and all, I might as well try to make it look pretty. so here you go.
and now I wanna talk to my hunnie.
oh yeah. if I didn’t write about this, ed would post it and make me look stupider: I lost my glasses. I had them last nite and when I woke up this morning, I couldn’t find them anywhere. what the hell?!?! its a good thing I have a spare pair. and another good thing that I got disposable contact lens today. and it’s been a whole day now, and I STILL can’t find them. arg!

yay yay yay yay yay!
~*~*happy birfday maffew chanahan*~*~
hehehe, happy birthday luv. good to hear from you yesterday, “I haven’t been in toronto in so long. I’ll call you back tomorrow, gotta ask my mom where… I should meet you”. hahaha!!! hope you enjoy your nite, I’ll see ya at 4:30!! =)

if anyone loves me, this will be on my doorstep june 21st 2003. *crosses fingers*
I’m kidding. I’m trying to convince my parents right now that I benefit from OWNING is rather than borrowing it out of the library. once that is done, I need to convince them to lend me their credit card (I’m such a loser, I should get my own, I know) and then… voila! on my doorstep! hehehee. kay tired.

I just finished making matt’s birthday gift! =) I’d post pictures of it, but I’m afraid he might visit my page before he gets it and see them, so I guess I’ll hafta post tomolos. I spent most of my day watching movies. I watched hero with my mommy and harry potter with my daddy. I’m… also thinking I saw a movie wtih my bro, but now I can’t remember if I did. hrm. anyways, I also spent half an hour doing step. I should’ve spent an hour, but I kinda forgot half the routine, so I got stuck very quickly. hopefully I’ll remember soon, or learn a new one or something. waiting for jamie to tell me when k is. I wanna enjoy my weekend before work starts, cuz then I get too tired to do anything. and besides, he goes back to wat soon. s’about it. I have nothing interesting to say. happy early birthday to matt!!!! yay!

tee’s got an imagestation account. and she’s got pics up. the link goes straight to tiff’s surprise party, so you can look at those pics and I’ve got a few others up too. kay, thats it. bed time. nites!

tee: oi stats … >_< I'm scared of that course.
andrew: cross your fingers. and maybe send your prof some money. unless he makes a lot already. then you have to send a lot of money
tee: I don’t HAVE a lot of money…. no money, I’m poor. besides, I don’t think he likes to be bribed…. I could get in a lot of trouble fo rthat!
andrew: …. maybe he likes young girls hahaha don’t need money for that
tee: oh GOD ew ew ew ew ew …. maybe he likes young BOYS!!
andrew: well then i hope you have a brother
tee: maybe he likes young boys AND he has JT tickets! mwahahaaa
andrew: what the…. uuuuh…. i’m not whoring for your marks lol only for tickets
tee: hahahaa….. well, you can whore for tickets, and in the PROCESS… you know… boost up our marks? as min would say, TAKE IT FOR THE TEAM!
andrew: male prostitution for marks is WRONG haha
I think andrew is one of the most hilarious ppl I’ve ever met. =)

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