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quick posting: I saw hunnie yesterday. we had sushi and watched movies, which is super quality time well spent together. =) *mwa* so as a note, I suggest EVERYONE should watch Forever and Ever if they haven’t seen it. It’s based on a true story about a boy who has hemophilia and contracts HIV from a blood transfusion. It’s really touching, and I cried buckets while watching it. really really REALLY good movie. but those not wanting to cry buckets should watch Hero, a DAMN good movie with Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung and Jet Li and Zhang Ziyi. Just a warning, I think Zhang Ziyi is very out of place in the entire movie… but whatever. It’s a really awesome movie. Yesterday was just awesome movie day. I also watched About a Boy but that kid… his eyebrows pissed me off soooo much. =P
Gonna get back to studying. Hope you guys are all having a good weekend, gotta go find a simpsons quote for donna now… we’re playing trivia with my away msgs. I should stop making them so EASY tho!!!! haahaaa

But the more that you’re on my mind
I’m just lonely and blue can’t you see
Why can’t you be with me to hold me tight
Just being with you will make everything better
and bright

I wanna have you by my side
You always make it right
And without you my heart starts to cry
How will I ever go on
How will I stay strong
Do you see without you my soul dies

so I went clicking around on dave’s site again, and I saw a link to pages of ppl getting married. being the helpless romantic that I am, I clicked away, and found Evance and Angela‘s wedding page. Even tho I didn’t know them, I was curious to see pictures, so *click* and after browsing the wedding photos for a bit, I see a girl that looks oddly familiar. “wow look! it’s paulineeeeeee!!” yeah, I thought that was pretty cool. on other notes, I’m still trying to find a way to make kittie fit properly on my blog thing (glances down). he’s a lil too big for his own good. =P
oh, another thing, thank you ed for the vitasoy supply! yaaaay!! *hugs* and I got to play badmitten with iola FINALLY this term. =P ltun n I vs iola and ed. ltun is really really happy with he plays. I give him my racquet, and serve, and then move off to the side and let him go wild. it’s fun to watch, he’s like a little kid. plus, he’s WIKKID at badmitten. like… wow wikkid. I wish wish wish I could play like him.

change my kittie pic…. not sure if it’s too big or not…. comments?

snuffles says hi. tee is too busy to put up a picture (and the whole being sick thing makes her not want to be in pictures period). plus she’s gone crazy coding her stupid assignment that she’s gonna use a late on anyways. but why won’t it recognize the cfg?!?! why why why why whyyyyy??? *bangs mouse against keyboard* highlights of the day:
got to sleep in today cuz no class. for once. soooo nice.
dc for c&o assignment
hunnie picked me up from mc. so proud that he ventured into the building by himself!
jamie brought sherman over *hi!*
andrew is happy that tee don’t have sars
ian promised tee an ian-baked tiramisu for birthday *yummie!*


my cellphone is now an awesome txtmsg communicator tool. its great cuz no one pays long-d bills for sending msgs around, and Im always entertained! for example:
ltun: doo bee doo bee doo person sittin beside u (min) is a loser who walks into walls hahaha. =)
Duck: Wayne’s the coolest guy ever!!
ambrose: hey hunnie where are you? i hope you’re okay i miss you tons
I actually got a lot of fun ones from ltun, including ones where he drew a penguin for me (!!!) but I don’t have the skills to draw it out =(

anyways, responding to some posts:
alex – from now on, you’re banned from posting anything unless it fits into my happy happy rainbow sunshine blog. hahaha! *COUGH*
matt – I’m NOT paying for any medical bills. if your computer falls apart from sars, it’s your own fault for clicking here!
ed – truffles for tee? *grin*
hun – kay, u didn’t post (like always) but *mwa* anyways

and lastly–
thank you mommy n daddy for coming in this morning and loading me up on healthy essentials: thermometer (I’ve never actually owned my own thermometer before!) and alki swabs, apple juice, robitussin, tylenol, yogurt, jacket, oatmeal.
~*~*happy birthday soobs*~*~
the chances of you reading this blog are slim, but here’s to not forgetting gifted. hope you’re doing well in mcgill (damn you for leaving!). I miss our biannual chats!! take cares luv.

I over heard in the cs lab today that the next issue of MathNEWS will have TROGDOR!! if you don’t know what trogdor is, you should all go pay a visit to homestarrunner.com and click around. I LOVE this site. I found it of wwdn and I go here all the time. hehehehe… I’m such a nerd.
anyways, cs is 80% done. c&o is 40 (ergh) and cs 251 is 60. I also recommended brian mcknight – shoulda woulda coulda for those who don’t have it. in fact, the whole album is quite nice. kay, back to work I go. go see homestarrunner! hahaha!

they just dont stop –
andrew: I really hope you don’t die eh?
tee: … yeeeah, thanks
andrew: no really. cuz if you die, that means we’re all gonna die. we’re all infected now you know.
tee: look! the toronto star says that 100 ppl are now possibly infected with sars
andrew: yeah, now its 101 (points to himself)… 102 ( points to min). you’ll kill us all!!!
no one loves me when I’m sick!! *cries*

*cough cough cough*
andrew says I have sars, the stupid jerk. he’s avoiding me like the plague. I should go cough on him. I’ve been mad sniffly all day, and it feels like there’s an echo in my head, everything’s buzzy. I’d sleep, but I’ve got SO much work to do.
and I’m SO stupid today!! omg, I’ve been trying to get so many assignments done, and I’m not EVEN halfway through ONE of the three because nothing’s making sense! I feel so dumb! I don’t wanna be weakest link!!!! *cries*
I was hoping hunnie could give me a ride home today, but he was so busy with stuff that I didn’t bother asking. I’m pretty =( right now… just the whole being sick and stressed and monthly and lacking the love. maybe it’ll pass. I need some chocolate. and my pooh bear. *cough*

quickly now….
I bet chris is probably reading this RIIIIIGHT now hahahaa =) *huggies* it was soooo great seein you this weekend! honestly, I’ve missed you! glad to hear you’re doin well on your work term. and that story about the fishies… don’t use that to pick up chicks. it’ll make em cringe. =( hehehe.
so I got to see chris this wknd. jamie and I headed over to marc’s place after dinner on saturday and ivano and chris and jason m were there. it was a good fun guys night out thing where we watched movies, laughed at each other (when jamie stole chris’ comfy chair) and I ate lots of cake and cookies. many pictures were snapped, but none shall be posted until hunnie is done with the cam this week (he needs it for his bridge project). um, I also went shopping with ken, did i mention that? *scrolls down* alrite I did. but I DIDN’T mention that I didn’t get to go see andrew n company. because I got to see marc. and ivano. and chris. and… yeah… I’ve known ivano longer.
sunday I went to db practice. took many shots of simon teaching the boys trying to do a lion dance. it was quite funny. =) followed dan home afterwards and watched him and his lil bro play a game of ball against simon and … dan’s little neighbour kid. it was so funny!! and the net wasn’t even that high up, so Andrew could walk up to it with the ball lift his arms up, and drop it in. Simon called him yao ming the whole nite. hahaaa =) and dan’s mom made us some amazing food. the veggies were very scrumptous. and then the drove us back to wat. thanks daaaan! =)
I got to see my hunnie last nite too! I told him I had a craving for homebaked cookies, and being the amazing wonderful man that he is, he took me out to sobey’s to go buy some pillsbury dough to bake some! yaaay! of course, his oven is cancer causing, so the first batch turned out nasty burnt. the second batch turned out muuuuuch better after we turned down the heat… mmmm!!! kay that’s about it. gonna get to class. =) expecting a comment from chris when I get back! hahaha

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