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just got back from badmitten and dinner wif elton and andrew. I had muchos fun! elton is soooooo good at badmitten, I swear, he’s prostar. he should play iola. =) he played at leeeeeee’s! yeah, he’s really good. and andrew’s pretty good too, but he makes me run a lot =P and ed beat me in his ladder game. but I gave up close to the end cuz of starvation. technically he should’ve let me win cuz he had to borrow all my notes so I did him a big favour. bum. I disowned him for a half an hour too. not even, I disowned him for like, fifteen minutes and then accidentally whacked him in the head with my racquet so I took him back into the family. hahaha sorrieeeee!!
anyways, I’m debating whether to start some work or not. I really want to spend the rest of my nite editing my revamp for my page, but… midterms next week… and… aww =( my page is going to be really really simple this time too, I’m actually disappointed with the lack of css involved. but I noticed before that if I had too many divs, my page could never been found properly on google. I still have to learn how to use the sheets as oppose to putting them in the tag. darn, more learning for me. debating whether to steal dave’s layout. hahaha, I coooould, cuz I honestly feel like I thought of it first, but then I’d be a biter. but it’s sooo nice seriously. and my page wouldn’t look EXACTLY like it, just the blogger section would. I’ll think about it.
anyways, I definetly need to go take a shower, I feel icky. I’ll be on til at least 12:30 so ciaos.

look @ the time. it’s 3pm. and I’m HOME. like, in my res room with no work to do HOME. how insane is that. this feels so weird… and yet so… right. hahaa =) well, I actually have a lot to study for but I’m breaking after my long week of nonstop work. I’m even going to badmitten tonite! yes!
on another note, I’m slowly preparing a page revamp. the theme will most likely still be pink… but much less of it and not so bright. this way, steph will not have to tell me about how I’m murdering her eyes everytime she loads up my page. and for all my badmitten girls, if you scroll down I wrote a happy *yay* for your win against del. even though it was … monday. or something. busy!
lastly, I’m on a super high right now because I’m finished all assignments AND I’m listening to bryan’s awesome soopafast chinese cd he made me. it always puts me in a really really REALLY great mood. another thing is, either someone is playing a huge prank on me, or my mds got stolen. I’m five short of what I had when I first came here. weird. and my player can’t record cuz I broke it, so yeeeeah, boo!
kay, back to my revamp editing. ciaos!

~*~*~*happy birthday matt*~*~*~
… *poke!*

oh crappy!! my md player’s broken and can’t record a disc!! I want a nice chinese mix!! boo! =(

so apparently my posts don’t work in the unix lab. stupid unix lab. someone remind me to revamp my page so that it works on netscape cuz that’s all they have in the lab (boo!)
so firstly, congrats to my wonderful badmitten girls for their awesome win against del. you guys rock! =) you’ve been such an awesome team, I wish I had to chance to watch. I’m sorry but I might not be back for tdcaa’s because of my finals (you all saw my schedule, it’s insane!) but if I’m stuck here in this stupid city, I promise I’ll find some way on checking up with you guys! but I’ll definetly be back to watch you ALL play at OFSAAs!!!! *hint hint hint* and jess, START RUNNING MORE! all that footwork should be put to use! and donna, don’t worry about your game, I know you’re an awesome player, and you can totally whup butt!
now on to other topics, I just got home (11:30ish). I walked with tiff, and I came home safe and in one piece with NO problems what so ever * =P on elton * I wasn’t done my assignment, but tiff wanted to get some sleep and I didn’t want her to walk by herself so I came home. I can ssh anyways, so I’m pretty shure it’ll finish off here. thank you min for your yummie yummie chocolate chip cookies. they helped elton think. ahaha!! and if my mommy is reading this, I didn’t have cookies for dinner, I actually ate a good dinner with vegetables and meat and stuff, but the cookies were a snack. and thank you big time to elton for going through my code. and making cs more enjoyable. and to andrew for giving me motivation to finish my assignment (even though you still beat me… *grr!!!* )
and a hello to my hun, who’s probably not doing his work if he’s reading this (hehehe) sooo happy I got to see you today, that whole hour got rid of a lot of stress!! next week we’ll be able to dance and count at the same time! hahaa =)
and iola (and ed), sorry for not making badmitten wednesday (again) but tomorrow for sure, cuz my assignment is almost done!! yaaaay! and YES ed, I’ll ladder you. but you can’t ask any questions if I happen to look an awful lot like iola during our game, and if I’m pulling moves like iola during our game. and iola… can you play for me? =)
kay, I’m in a super cheery blog mood (as you can tell) and I think this entry is really really long, so I’m gonna leave it at this and go finish my assignment! la la laaa la laaa laa la laaa… heheeh *huggies* ciaos!

I am currently in the cs lab. again. boo! but we’ve got a good party going on here cuz lots of ppl are doing there work (elton and min are DONE! whaaat?!?!) so basically elton’s helping me. I’ve spent almost an hour trying to add arrays into my code, and then it screwed up, and now I fixed all the errors, btu it STILL won’t accept arrays. *cries* I wanna go play badmitten tomolos!! I’m gonna try extra hard to be thereeeee! kay, back to work, this was such a pointless blog. I have to change my page so that the full thing works in netscape (for all those crazy ppl who use netscape. and ppl… like me stuck in the unix lab). kay, back to work!!

look! matt’s here too, he’s probably trying to do his assignment. I hate assignments. I screwed up my code somehow and i don’t remember how it was before so I can’t go back… damn. I get fifty compile errors now, when last nite, I had ZERO. and it worked. it accepted stuff. it was so good. *sigh* this assignment is so darn hard. but I’ve gotta jet outta the lab cuz I’ve got aerobics soon. and I need to go poke matt. maybe ask him for a cookie. mm…

my list of possible candidates for unix 5 in no particular order:
maybe Wayne, but he’s too last minute.
maybe me. I’ll “contribute”…

*sigh* missed badmitten. again. for the ump teenth time in a row. =( makes me very sad to know I keep skipping my favourite spot. in favour of c&o or cs, of all things! ick!! stupid workload. I keep missing dinners, not making good use of my crappy meal plan!! at least we got c&o done with all our answers that don’t make sense and min’s SUPER dumb-it-down answers. and his bad grammar. single vertices are called vertice. ahahaha. he’s hilarious, he makes everything fun. he makes fun of my assignments tho, cuz I don’t do my questions in order. I figure, so long as I have them there, then it’s acceptable. he says I’m probably black-listed by all the TAs cuz my assignments are so messed up that everyone hates looking at them. =P anyways, that’s enough of my boring blog, I really miss my hunnie. I wish I wasn’t so busy so that I could see him more. boo! at least I get to see him tomolos. ed, you know where to find me! hahaa!

know how last week I was talking about how much I don’t like yylex files or JLex documentation (did I even mention that??) well, this week I’m gonna rant about how much I don’t like CUP documentation. note to laine: letter to my 12-year-old self coming up soon. It might have some bitterness about my current program and how I can’t understand a single thing that goes on around me. but it’ll be up. shortly. bah. its too late for the brain to think straight. my body feels soooo stiff. *yawn* nites all.

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