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holy crap, ken found my page… sup dude. I can check comments and STILL claim that I’m busy because I check them in the morning and respond in the morning. it’s 7:26 right now. I’m insanely sleepy, I’ve never ahd to wake up so damn early before. I hafta go to a stupid 8:30 actsc lec so I can leave loo at 1:30 and come see YOU (ken). don’t you feel schphechul. and… I guess no one knows what test analysis stuff is *sigh* I’m doomed. I’m going up against a load of third year business students, and I REALLY want this job!!
and donna! I figured out what shoes I wanna buy. but they’re 120…. ergh. and I lack cash. this bites. actually, I really wanted to buy these, but they’re 130. soo… yeah.
there’s a commercial on the radio for the annual cactus festival… what the hell? waterloo is so strange. kay this blog makes no sense cuz it’s too early in the morning for me… baaah! >_<

does anyone anyone ANYONE know what the difference between test vs control analysis is (regarding marketing test analysis)?? I really should have paid more attention in bus121, but it was haaard stuff! and now my co-op job depends on it!! help!

eeer… please don’t kill me iola hun, but I’ve got some studying I want to get done before the weekend… and.. I kinda watched a vcd. it’s really really cute, I borrowed it off jamie, it’s called the irresistable piggies. SO cute. =) jordan chan is SOOO flaming ahahaha! anyways, I’m reading over my actsc and I want to read over my stats too. well, i REALLY want to do my unix, but I leant my txt to hubert, so I’m pretty useless without it. boo! =( but hopefully I’ll have it back by… monday? mmm, what else. I bought sushi from the caf tonite *not a good idea, but I had a craving* and the rice was kinda nasty and hard, so I just ate all the inside stuff. mmm avacados. hunnie, I want more!! =)
currently listening to jacky cheung’s concert 2001. I really really liked how he always wore a suit with tails at the concert, I was like “hunnie! you should wear that!” minus the dyed hair, jacky cheung looked very handsome, I think. alrite, I’m rambling about nothing and I really should get back to reading soo…… yeah. =) tee’s gonna buy runners this weekend!! did anyone see my valentine’s wishlist?
and jeff, sleep earlier dude!!

current obsession: fat free danone yoghurt.
so I’m insanely enjoying my step aerobics class. early tuesday/thursday mornings when I wake up, I’m all “uuugh, I’m so tired, maybe I should skip class” but the second I get there, I’m all pumped out and I have a great time and I feel really good about myself afterwards cuz I know I’m doing something healthy for myself. although it doesn’t help that I crave brownies like MAD. =P
it’s chinese new year this weekend!! yay! I’m so excited, i can’t wait to go home and eat home food and drive and *possibly* go shopping! is there badmitten this weekend donna? =) the only bad part is that saturday is my anni with hunnie and I won’t be able to see him until… sunday when he gets back from db. which is also starting this weekend! oooh!! I’m excited about that too! I hope I can fit it into my schedule (I BETTER, if I’m shellin out forty bucks for it!). I’m really excited about practicing again, I hope a lot of ppl are gonna show up too!
still working on a page layout (I know this is taking a long time, but I’ll get something soon, I promise. if there are any ideas, please lemme know =)
what else what else… either than that, nothing new has been happening with me. round one of co-op is done with. time to start checkin to see if I got interviews. you wouldn’t believe the insane thing that I did. I accidentally threw some resumes into the wrong bin numbers (it happens, I’m not stupid!) but I didn’t find out until three days later, so by then it’s too late to apply to the ones I REALLY wanted, so now I have my resume stuck in for some weird job at african lion safari. ppl say I could’ve called them up this morning and had them cancel out my resumes to those companies, but since it was the last posting and the jobs were all sucky, I didn’t bother. besides, it’s too late to get to the jobs taht I wanted from that posting anyways. I will just have to be smarter this time. but I think I applied to some nice jobs around the area (possibly toronto, possibly waterloo, we’ll hafta see o_O) so *crosses fingers* wish me luck!
and other than that, I’ve got five cs assignments in total to be done. I’ve already finished the 251, but I’ve got a 241 assignment 2, plus five unix assignments (that’s right iola, TWO cs courses plus one of them throws EIGHT ASSIGNMENTS at you during the first month of school) and I’ve only got one of the unix’s done. they’re not all due this week, but I want to get as many done as possible. anyways, back to work I go, that’s enough rambling from me. *huggies* hope you all are having a great week!! *bloop*

because I missed the superbowl, I’m surfing around right now trying to get a look at the commercials they played yesterday. a load of them were crap, but there are quite a few funny ones (I dunno if any of you caught the superbowl, but I was busy with work, so =P) anyways, all of them are listed here: IFILM – Super Bowl but I suggest the following for some good laughs:
Visa: Yo
Bud Light: Ocean
Reebok: Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

yay updates:
had dinner with jamie. that’s always fun.
saw hunnie over the weekend. yay!
saw iola three times today. =)
got to play with the kittie on sunday
stole a LOAD of chinese mp3s off hunnie.
no combinatorics assgnt due fri.
passed my actsc quiz!
1L choco milk $0.99 @ sobey’s

boo updates:
hunnie had car troubles today. =P
really sleepy
cs251 assignment 1 due friday
last co-op posting *grr!*
watcard is at hunnie’s. =(
tee is having a breakout >_<
tee wants a kittie!!

sushi car racing!

the friday five

1. What is one thing you don’t like about your body?
um, I don’t like my legs. I always say that. =) but other than my legs, I don’t like how I’m so not healthy. I used to be able to do a bronzed med time swim with time to spare… and now I can do four laps max without stopping. it’s really sad. =(

2. What are two things you love about your body?
I’ve always liked my neck. I dunno why. and my arms. I really like my arms. hehee

3. What are three things you want to change about your home?
my home? I actually just painted my room four months ago and I’m completely in love with it. but if I was insanely rich, I would buy out ikea and get loads of new furniture. and my BASEMENT is like, the groodiest place. I think it’s perfectly fine the way it is, but when we have guests, we don’t usually bring them down there cuz it’s just… stuffed full of crap and looks like a storage box. like our garage. the two of them need supreme cleaning. is that four?

4. What are four books you want to read this year?
Harry Potter 5 comes out in June, that’s number one on my list. Confessions of a Shopaholic is another. I heard Bridget Jones’ Diary was pretty good. Fall on Your Knees (Anne Marie McDonald) perhaps?
Or just scrap all those choices and shove in textbooks. =P

5. What are five promises you have kept to yourself?
To work harder in school. And I’m honestly trying. Really really trying. To be more active (I’ve signed up for an aerobics class, BOOYA to my boyfriend =P). Sadly, that’s all I can think of. =(

2:42 am. just got home from MC (thanks for the ride wayne!) and I FINALLY finished my stupid combinatorics and mips assignment. I hate second year. sorrie to iola… I’m sure you’ll enjoy it *snicker*
I am so very very spent. but it was a fun nite. muchos thanks to sean, who is a GOD and I worship the ground he walks on. he walked me through my cs assignment, and even drew out a stack diagram for me… and thank you jeff, because he had the golden banana. hehehe. =) my group is fun!
kay. bed time. definetly bed time.

changed the pic. I open up my page every morning (it’s my home site) and everytime I saw my oogly picture I went “ick!” so I went through my backups and found this picture, which does not have tee in it at all, and thus makes it very asthetically appealing. plus, it’s my tribute to fed hall and the alki they once served *sigh*
kay. still debugging. boourns. back to work!

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