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I miss youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Which Kogepan Are You?

so I haven’t been dead for the last few days, but I’ve been trying really hard not to turn my compie on cuz I’ve been getting error msgs again. friday was an awful lot of fun, I got to see so many of my buddies again (vannie discovered my passcard to the nestle building, now I gotta go back and return it! grr!!) and talk to so many ppl and use my super cool fantastic digicam. um… after marche’s I went home for a bit and then left the house again to go see terry, war, sam and jay (plus abbey girls that were at marche’s) and we talked for a long time at plantation. and then ernie, jen, mags and myself went off to jen’s house for a long long girl talk. I got home at like, 4. ambrose was still out. =P
and yesterday I went to ken’s house for dinner. we made our own pizza and watched a 1930′s movie called reefer madness which is about how bad “marihuana” is. I was really happy seeing ken and matt again, I haven’t seen them in ages. ken dyed his hair (again), and now it’s very very blond. with dark roots. I have beef, but I won’t say it.
anyways, nwo it’s sunday and I’m trying to copy stuff onto cds again cuz I hope to bring my compie to the shop and get it fixed soon. so yay! and tomorrow is donna’s hotpot (don’t worry, I didn’t forget!!)

today is payday. I only get another half paycheck and I’m done. so I decided that since I get paid today, I’ll go pay off that looming mound of debt known as tuition. I have LESS than two grand in my account now. I paid 5700 bucks. holy crap, I am POOR. I should’ve spent all that money when i had the chance! DAMMIT!!
but the good news is that hunnie found our compact flash card for the cam at future shop (fifty bucks for 128! score!!) and the second good news is that he also found my SUPER COOL monitor (click here to drool) and now I just hafta pay him back the 450 and wait for my rebate and I’ll be good as new.
of course, I still have books to pay for, and I need to throw some more money into the watcard, but I’m sure I’ll manage somehow.

ahoy maties! =) today is boxing day. I trust everyone got what they wanted for xmas. and if not, returned it and bought something spectacular today. hahaha. tomorrow is also my last day of work. I will miss that place dearly. and afterward, I’m heading to marche for some abbey girly fun! yay! =) can’t wait to see everyone, and use my super cool new digicam *I love you hunnieeeeeeeeeee* he bought me a canon digital elph. I am one super happy and super lucky girl. whooo!!! yay!
okay, off to bed I go! gnites!!

I know I know, I’m on a mad blogging spree today, but I had to put this up. keeping with the festive spirit… make your own snowflake!!

almost forgot! happy belated to andi babe!!!! I tried to call you yesterday from ambrose’s, but you hung up on me =( so… hope you had fun! *mwa*

tada!! picture update! =) merry christmas everyone! hope you’re all enjoying your holidays!! *hugs* and it’s SNOWING outside!!! time to make rebuild mr snowman! *yayyyyyyyyyyyy*

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