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waaah, so many things to report today!
1. work report is FULLY and COMPLETELY finished. all that’s left is to edit and let my supervisor read it through. I even have the letter of submittal done! (I know, that was an easy part, but it was the laaast thing I did!)
2. I got to see donna and iola and helma at ten rens today after work. it was a lot of fun catching up on abbey memories (donna always has interesting stories to tell). I drew a pig and a cow in her agenda, and then I drew lots of pictures of donna in her uniform. hahaha!!!
3. my compie has to go to the shop come monday. my hard-drive has been claiming it will be facing “eminant failure” for the last two weeks. but for reason, it didn’t do it today! weird thing.
4. my scholarship fund still hasn’t been passed through yet. which means I’m short two grand for my tuition which is due NEXT FRIDAY. can we say stressed?
5. I get to play badmitten tomolos. that’s always a yay. plus I get to see hunnie. super yay.
6. my supers are coming back from new mexico tomolos. one of them has to go to the childrens christmas party to play santa (which is quite ironic cuz he’s anything but jolly I think). then we have a work xmas party on the wednesday coming up. dan was too chicken to join in a game of Survivor Nestle with me, so we’re just gonna sit out and watch it. =(
7. I’m sick sick sick sick sick.

donna! I so suck at planning. hahahaa, what’s going on tomolos? =)

ps. was bored @ work today so I did a lot of blog surfing and commenting. hope no one mind(ed).

sippin up some hot cocoa at the moment. my fingers was soooo frozen! I went to the york observatory (again) with dan, gamy, brian, and… matt. no one else came, but it was still fun. they’re hilarious ppl =) plus, I got to see saturn, which looked really pretty. we all signed the guestbook this time (unlike last time) and then I came home to hot pasghetti and ribs. mm!!! tomolos, Peter Brabeck is coming to Nestle Canada. he’s the big CEO of Nestle Corp (situated in Switzerland), and so everyone has to wear business attire. I laugh at dan the co-op guy cuz he absolutely HATES ties. what else. oh, my hot cocoa has mashimallos in it. whee! I’m in a happy mood. quite exhausted though, I’m almost done my work report!! just got a few kinks to fix out and then some editing to do. excited!! kay, off I go! =)

so I taped Erin Brockovich yesterday cuz I was outta the house and I watched it again today… and I hafta admit it was a really good movie. it wasn’t as super amazing as I thought it would be, but it was pretty good. but I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t say whether her and the motorcycle boyfriend ended up back together. then again, I suppose it’s none of my business. hrm.

supervisor 1 & supervisor 2 are both in new mexico next week. tee has some stuff to keep her busy, but emails are always appreciated. hope you’re feeling better donna. =) glad to hear you like my bebe mao!! bbt this friday, promise. iola, you’re muchos welcome to join if you’re in town after 5, and shooey too, if she doesn’t have classes, I haven’t seen my daughter in a while. *huggies*

remember when I was blogging about how cute this bebe mao is?? well, I went to market village yesterday with sweetie and was exploring One’s, and found a nice display of maos!!! so… obviously, I bought myself a lil one!! heheheh… his head is three times the size of his lil body tho, so he has trouble balancing…

holy crap what a fun friday I had. the week had been soooo crappies until today. I got to ride the new subway line, I got to get a piece of cake (but I got jipped – dan’s piece was twice the size!) and then after work I went to yorkdale to go shoppings with my sweetie, came back home and we cooked ourselves dinner and then chilled. it was so awesome cuz I’m sick with a cold and I’ve been having such a miserable week and now I’m cheery. he’s coming over tomolos too, to check out the new chinese ikea. hahaha. *mwa* hunnie, I love you so much!! you are the most awesomest boyfriend.
donna: is there badmitten tomolos?
iola: … uh, are you in town this weekend?
and tee needs xmas gift ideas!!! >_<

oh eeeeeew dirty dirty restaurants in KW sent to me by jeff. be warned iola, if you haven’t read this yet…

I have fallen in love with this site: Irony Central. It’s about a man that’s going through all the joys and wonders and nasty experiences of having a child for the first time, and it’s absolutely hilarious. if you have eight hours a day from monday to friday (usually during work time), and feel up for a good laugh, this is awesome.

“We plan to have a lovely baby album, suitable for presentation to relatives, friends, and whatnot. I also plan to have a second baby album, a secret, special baby album, henceforth known as Baby Album B. This will be a horror show, kept for my own private amusement, and only revealed as a surprise on a later date if Cordelia ever brings home a boyfriend I REALLY hate.”

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