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so keeping in the tradition, happy birthday to you gary =) what else did I want to say…. oh yes, tomorrow is my anni with ambrose. tee is so super super super excited! =) how I miss south six residence. hahahaa…. *huggies*

[9/30/2001 1:50:52 PM | tetley tee]
dammit, I just wrote out a long post and clicked sign out instead of post n publish and I lost it all!! so lemme try this again.
first off, happy birthday gary!! sorrie we stuffed you up with alki, we’ll try not to next time. we took the birthday boy to the bomber last nite, I bought him two mike’s, ambrose bought him a heini, and ken got him a shot of something we’re not quite shure of but it was pretty strong. he finished them all in half an hour… stevie and I were the two sober ppl (even tho I was really really red =P ). I had a heini curtesy of ambrose, and stevie had his heini and an ex I think. ken drank one shot with gary, three mooseheads and one shot of jack’s. ambrose had a heini, two mooseheads, and a shot of jack’s. and then we all got an orgasm. and then gary wasn’t feeling well so we decided it was time to go home.
by then, we had a tipsy ambrose, ken and gary… we missed last call at the bomber so we went back to ken’s where we had some tequila… stevie and I had one, ken and ambrose had three, and the two were done for the night. by the time I dragged ambrose back home it was 2:30ish I think. we watched hannibal, I tried to make him go to sleep like, 100 times, but he’s stubborn when he’s drunk. so basically we stayed up the whole night doing nothing. by six he was slightly sobered up so we took a walk at 7 and caught the sunrise…. went to the lounge to have some brekkie, saw gary wandering around outside so we went to see what the heck he was doing, we got locked outta our building *ambrose!!* and by the time we got back in and cleaned everything up and I got back to my room it was nine in the morning.
but it was a fun night. =) I hope gary and ken are doing alrite… ambrose is on a bike ride with ori at the moment… I hope he’s not falling into the street or anything. hahaha…

so I just downloaded the new edison album. it’s called transition. and he sings mandarin. and you know how I posted before that he is like, the third worst chinese singer that sings mandarin? well, they were wrong. he’s actually the WORST. I know I wouldn’t usually bash up edison like this (hunnie, stop gagging), but holy CRAP his mandarin is SO bad.. the whole album sounds like he’s struggling. *sigh* so then I downloaded some andy hui. yay. =)

you know waht’s really funny? ville doesn’t believe I have koRn and NIN cds. =P

I know I know, lack of updates. I haven’t been online @ home in three days. THREE. how insane is that?!? anyways, gonna enjoy my weekend. sweetie’s coming over today, we’re going out for dinner and then watching a movie (possibly sweet home alabama, or the tuxedo… who reccommends what?) and maaaaaybe do some shoppings *yay!*
and tomorrow I’m going k with my loo buddies… so long as planning doesn’t fall through. but we all know how tee and planning just doesn’t fit… okay.
off I go. =) everyone be good… time to do my regular surfing of blogs. hahahaa!!

aaaargh!! why must housing be such a pain in the *ss?!?!?!?!

so the most super coolest thing happened at lunch. Dan and I (Dan being the co-op dude) went down to sheppard centre for lunch. I had found out from our previous outing that Dan went to Cardinal Carter, the non-artsy one way up north. I told him about how I worked at Toys R Us and knew a dude named friedi who worked there and went to his school. So today, after buying food and trying to find a place to sit, I see a dude that looked a LOT like friedi, except he had an eyebrow piercing and he had hair. So I’m staring at him as Dan is trying to find a seat, and he looks over and says “didn’t you say you knew friedi?” I was so super amazed!! so I ran up to him and purposely bumped into him. He looked up and gave me this shocked look, such a cutie! So yeah, I found out he worked full time at the grand & toy there, and part time at toys. how cool! I think I shall go visit the store sometime soon, they got a face lift and turned ultra pretty, so my other toys friend told me. Yeah, I just thought I’d share my happy story with everyone even tho none of you know who Friedi or Dan is. hahaa =)

I am at work. super. earlies. I even took the bus in today. I don’t know WHY I didn’t sleep in. bleh. I miss my sweetie. I don’t think he’s even got time to read this, he’s always so busy that I never get to talk to him much unless it’s late at nite when I’m semi-concious with sleep and stuff. *sigh* I’m getting grouchy with the address database. too many addresses and not enough CORRECT ones. *mutter* at least I got free chocolate yesterday. =) yay nestle chocolate company.

I’m glad no one noticed my little blunder, cuz I don’t want to look stupid… but I sayd in my last blog that iola’s miata could’ve taken on the TT. which I think is completely true. except that iola drives a protege. hahaha. *ahem* I’m at work earlies again… sleepy, again. hope everyone else is having a good day… I think I need to get more sleep. yawn.

*vroom* drove out to ambrose’s today to check on my poor lil baby. he’s all nasty ill. hahaha =) but it was so nice seeing him cuz I haven’t seen him in a week =( his cousins were over too… they were *kinda* fun to play with. ville and jeff came over yesterday and helped install my wonderful closet mirrors! =) yay power tools! hahahaaa *please don’t kill me!* I think I want to grease one of the tracks tho, it’s quite tight… I also went to go play abdmitten with iolas and donna. iola didn’t race the TT. *pouts* I still say your lil miata could’ve beaten it out!! anyways… that’s about it for my weekend. I’m all sleepies and have a super duper headache (it was probably from the nutella on the “chocolate” brick toast!) and cirque will be on in 45, so… gonna go get comfy by the tv! oh, and I have plants to water. and… dinner to cook. bleh.

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