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12pm – out to lunch with vannie =)
2:30ish – got home. tv selections made me very happies:
rerun of mtv mva 2002 on MM
bon jovi one wild night marquee on M3
6pm – out for coffee with chris
8pm – dinner at swiss chalet with family. I ate the following:
one bowl of their yummy chicken noodle soup
1/3 of a plate of coleslaw (shared with mommy & daddy)
an entire plate of fries
a chicken pot pie (that came with my own coleslaw)
and half a bbq chicken wing that was too spicy for my liking.
it was a VERY filling dinner.

goodbye to vannie and chris (krishna), I will totally miss you two tons! pleeeease be good this year! STUDY! =) hahaha I’ll try to visit!

*sniffles* good bye iolas, your grandmama will miss you tons. you be GOOD 0=) okay? and learn lots of stuff. pleeeeeease not too much drinking. and join varsity badmitten!

ahh =) chris! *huggies* good to hear from you!! I suppose you’re summer is already over and there isn’t time to get together? =(
hmm… perhaps I should be looking to insight from you then? or would you and ville want to discuss these current issues together (cuz you know, the two of you are actually thinking). ville is my friend from cs – quite the brilliant dude.
he responded to pretty much the same posts you did regarding the issue. hmmm… I guess he is right, this is turning into a strange political forum!
on a sidetracked note, I miss you tons chris. hope you’ve enjoyed your work term stay. and keep in touch. please. *hugs*

political debate ville luv? =)
hahaha, you know how crappies I am with politics. and religion. and drinking. *tip*
and my views kinda… more or less… have nothing substantial to back them up as I’m … not quite with the current issues. but hearing someone else’s ideas are always enlightening, and I fully encourage some teaching from you to come my way. along with some meds. it’ll be like (yet another) sick day!

things to note:
1. tee got a co-op job. yay tee!!
2. tee is 27 hits away from 10k! =)

an angry person responded to my blog.
hrm. =)

tee and ambrose just went to a drive-in theater today down at the docks. it was sooooo cool =) SIX bucks for TWO movies? can we say deal? I guess y’all can tell how happy it makes me to be able to watch two movies for such a damn cheap price. legally, might I add. =) we sat there watching signs and xXx. and the best part is, you can talk during the movie, and no one will shush you. ha!!
okay. the yellow is on in my room. one last coat tomorrow (I hope, two might be required…) gnites all!

HAPPY (belated) BIRFDAY IAN!!! okay, it’s not belated because I’m still awake and… I was just at your party five hours ago… but you’re all drunk now hahahahaa….
hope you guys are having fun!!

Open Letter to America from a Canadian
very VERY beautifully written, I do suggest everyone to take a look @ it.

ewwwwwwwww…. I hope you feel better laine. =(

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