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oh wow, I love this thing. I found it on the network. this is what we call canadian pride eh? it’s a picture taken from a korean newspaper.

eee!! it’s my mommy’s bday today!! happy bday mommy!! I love you soooo much *xoxoxoxo*
plus it’s ori’s bday too. I wonder if she’s getting plastered tonite. hmm =)
my weekend in TO was kinda fun. didn’t get to see chris, but that’s alrite, they’ll be other times I suppose. I did get to see ivano and jamie tho… and ken and matt and peter. and I got to talk to my sweetie. =) went to a wedding dinner on the saturday, that was muchos fun (with shark fin soup!! yummies!!!) and tried desperately to do some bday shoppings… I think I have no choice but to mail the gifts *boo*
but anyways, gotta get back to work… I’m LOADED with math work, it’s so unfair.
oh and donna, I updated the pic. just for you. incase anyone’s wondering, I’m devouring some sour keys now that i bought at fairview over the weekend. *drool*

dammit. I was going to link up new pictures from the cottage that simon had uploaded onto his page… but I lost the link, so I… can’t do anything about it. *sigh*
anyways, I’m coming home this weekend *yay!!* I didn’t get to see jamie or the devil andrew while they visited yesterday, but hopefully I’ll get to see them this weekend. I can’t wait to go home!! eeee, I’m so excited! =)
kay, tee’s gonna go study for calc now. ickies =(

I’m dripping wet at the math building. all of my business team members are here except one, and the four of us are nasty nasty wet. it all started when I wanted some bubbo-t. so I decided to walk to south campus hall before my meeting. I go in, I buy bubbo-t, it starts thundering outside. I ran back in the rain. my nice new shoes are SOAKING wet, and I’m grumpies. but matt is even more drenched, so I feel a lil better. his back was leaking some highlighter green stuff, and he just… dripped an awful lot. hahaha. =) *ahem* he might be reading this now as we speak… gotta get back to work. icks!!

tee is SO sleepies. damn cs. damn… homework. plus, she has no money on her watcard. boooo!!! I’ve gotta refill it or else I’ll starve to death! and it’s damn hot in waterloo!!

What Seven Deadly Sin Are YOU? [?]

You’re SLOTH! You’re extremely lazy. There’s just no other way to put it! Your loner attitude gets in the way of your social life sometimes. You’re represented by the color aqua.

taken from a link on bry’s site. hrm. I guess I am pretty damn lazy. but I wouldn’t think I’m a loner. *pouts*

cs assignment 7
good lord I’m sleepy. *yawn* I haven’t caught up on my sleep yet, I’m soooo tired. and my arm is sore from badmitten. and my legs are tired from the huge workout I put them through yesterday. but it was fun cuz I got to see iola and donna and shoeey and adi =) I was muchos happy. and then afterwards I got to go to the semi with ambrose and a load of my buddies. I think there were a LOT of cs dudes there =) but that was the one day of fun to compensate for the one week of crappy hell…. and probably is SUPPOSED to keep me going throughout this week as well. argh. I’ve suddenly got a crap load of work to do, stevie and I are discussing about how we missed out on darknights, haven’t caught up on everything, and have finals in TWO!! shiat!! >_<

unfortunetly luv, this IS what you have to look forward to in cs. really, it’s not that bad, cuz it’s easy learning, but it’s just time consuming. reeeeeally time consuming. and… I guess sometimes confusing. but don’t worry, I know you’ll do super awesome!!
spent the afternoon with hubert and eric yesterday, got to see their place at wellesley court. not bad, although the rooms are kinda tiny. =P nice furniture tho!! and then we went to williams for some yuuuuuuummie chocolate cake and belgium waffles. mmm….. and then right after, I went to brubakers to have a roast beef dinner with my sweetie. and the whole nite I was doing my damn calc assignment. stupid calc assignment. stupid curves in 3-space. *grr* but good news is, adi and shooey are in town!! I haven’t seen them yet cuz they went to casa and I didn’t *please don’t kill me matt* but hopefully I’ll get a chance to ese her tonite. =)
okay time for class. *hugs* can’t wait to see you two (donna n iola!!!!) yay!!!!!!!!

tee’s cs assignment
not my ANSWERS but the questions =P
I’m stressed. although I did have an awesome game of badmitten. plus, some yummie veggie soup *haven’t have that in AGES*, but now its back to the real world of hmwk and no fun for tee. plus, she really wants to catch up on sleep. adi and shooey are coming in tomolos yay!!!!! =)

ah!!!! soooo stressed!!
monday: alg quiz
tues: EC interview / bus case study (10%) / bus new idea proposal (?%)
wed: alg assignment / engl VoIP research (10%) / badmitten wif eugene
thurs: cs assignment (2%) / casa dance?
friday: calc assignment / badmitten?
sat: sotf tourny wif eugene

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