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woooohoo!! long weekend yay!! cottaging with dragonboat ppls =) this is gonna be fuuuuun! PLUS, tee still hasn’t gotten an email back from the MUO saying my work report sucked, so I think I got a pass *crosses fingers* I’m so muchos happies!! =) hope y’all are enjoying your … already summer holidays! =P

*sigh* tee’s been feeling awfully oogly lately, so the pic hasn’t been updated. and thus, she’s gone back to the pic of her babies. =P
eric, stop shaking your head!!

*huggies* to ian! hope you feel better ah =( smile la, I’m sure you’ll be much happier eating lots of ice cream!! poor ian just got his wisdom teeth out, and he’s not enjoying the amount of blood. =P
on a completely different note, tee wants to go to the cottage this weekend!!

the deadline is fast approaching, and I haven’t received anything back regarding my work report. this is a good thing, since they only contact you if you failed your work report. so I’m keeping my fingers crossed *eee!!*

jebus it’s hot here. stupid waterloo. I need to go summer shopping *sweetie!!!* the only thing keeping me all nice and cool is my yummie super pulpy oj. I’m all sleepies too. I think it’s the heat. and… the lack of food. but heat more. I think I’m gonna go take a nap. maybe. or maybe I’ll start that alg. ick. =(

oh DUDE was dragonboating awesome =) muchos muchos thanks to iola and bryan for coming out and cheering me on!! *HUGGIES* it was so super awesome to see you guys, honestly!! I’m sorrie I couldn’t find you guys after the race (where did you go?) but did you see us come in… erm… third? =) our race times were 2:29 and 2:32. I was soooo sore that saturday nite. but then on sunday… oh we kicked some SERIOUS butt!! I’m so super happies for the team!! we landed a spot in the final E division (which makes us one of the top 30 teams out of the 90-something community teams)… and we were up against… one highschool team, a UT team, western team, and some… other team with much older ppl… but we smoked everyone’s ass!! 2:17 baby! whooooooooo!! I’m sooooooo happy. I wish I had a picture to show you guys, but it cost ten bucks and I only had five on me (and that became one after I indulged in a funnel cake) so you’ll all have to wait until I can find quie (I don’t know how to spell his name) to scan it.
anyways, hi to matt and peter and his crew of happy boys n gals (fousten included) cuz I bumped into them at the docks. and jen fong cuz I saw her as we were leaving on saturday. and steph lim cuz we raced a good race with her *she was on the UT team* and now I’m gonna go get some rest cuz I’m SOOOOOOOO tired. but wheeee!
our team has some strange strange cheers. I think bryan and iola thought we were weeeeeeird after seeing my team. but our “porn train” psyched EVERYONE out! mwahahhaaa….
ooookay, gnites guys!

okay okay slow with the updates I know. I’ve been having a rough week. but I’m finally going home this weekend to relax and enjoy the air con and the nasty lake waters down at centre island… it’s dragonboat festival!!!! wheeeeeeeee =)
I’m all hyped. two dragonboat buddies came up today to go drive dan out, and they got me all excited. although I’m still kinda tired and slightly ill too. hrmmmmm I’ll figure something out.
kay gotta get packing. I’ll letcha’ll know how we do =) ciaos ppls

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Descartes’ Lost Lemma
- Descartes was bad at logic
- Penguins are bad at logic
- Therefore, Descartes was a penguin
You’ve all seen this proof before. Last week, however, a small group of mathies decided to look into this lemma and found out that Descartes was much more than just a penguin – as you’ll see by the lemma they discovered:
- We wear suits as an attempt to please others
- Whores attempt to please others
- Penguins wear suits
- Penguins are whores
- Descartes was a whore
Researchers attempted to confront the penguin community about this astounding breakthrough, but the lead penguin just squealed incomprehensibly while trying to run. Descartes was unavailable for comment.
brought to my attention by dan, after I had missed the previous copy of mathNews: the source of joy for all geeky mathies.

dammit steph, that’s such an addicting game!
first the new orisinal game and now this! I’ll never get my cs done!!

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