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for some reason, tripod is loading my page super slow… I wonder if that means I need to change the layout. didn’t I say I was going to do that already? gosh I’m lazy.
cove and fed was a lot of fun last nite. plus, I got to finish up some group meetings which I’m going to get the work done NOW. ergh. dragonboating is causing trouble to my schedule too…. >_<
db practice – june 2
algeo midterm – june 3
db practice – june 7/8
db practice – june 9
calc midterm – june 10
db practice – june 14
cs midterm – june 17
db races – june 22

lookie lookie… tee updated her pic. I know it’s a little on the icky side… the lack of lighting in here makes my webcam pics look crappy unless it’s on a bright sunny afternoon. how annoying.
anyways, congrats to all the ppl going to uni next year, and all your acceptances and stuff. I’m very proud of y’all. =)
it was super super warm this morning. it was supposed to storm yesterday and it didn’t. it’s supposed to storm TODAY and it hasn’t. I’m very afraid that the storm is just holding itself off so that it can ruin my party nite. >_<*
plus, midterms start next week. aaaaaaaaaah!!!

it’s frekkin HOT out here in clt. >_< gawd, I'm baking.... but I guess all this sweating will help me lose some weight or something. who knows.
I’m trying to get my friday assignment done tonite. there’s gonna be a calc study group over at my place. cuz tomolos is mathie cove nite (free pizza, pop and ARCADE GAMES @ the cove for mathies!) and then it’s the second of only THREE fed boys n girls nite. I doubt a lot of ppl know what the heck I’m talking about… let’s just say tomolos supposed to be a party nite. but don’t worry, I’ll be good with the “vitasoy” 0=)
I’m just afraid it might thunderstorm tonite. =(

yay!!! iola got into wat cs!! =) I’m sooooooo super happies for you!!
let’s see… it’s probably best to try for stream eight. I’m not saying this JUST so you’ll be in the same stream as me, but seriously, stream eight has a lot more advantages. you gain more knowledge in school before your first work term, so you’ll have a better chance of finding a job. plus, it;s one less moving hassle. honestly, I wanted stream eight when I first started, but it got full real fast, so they stuck me into stream four.
and another bit of advice…. when choosing your M-section, go online and find out which Math 135 (algeo) Ian Vanderburgh is teaching. you will NOT be diappointed. =)

so I felt nasty vomity ill yesterday… and now I’m feeling better. but yeah, I’m loaded with homework and stuff so I’m not in a good mood. plus, it’s reeeeeeeall hot out here and too warm. so I’m not enjoying it all that much. I need to go get a tan. gotta get rid of this nasty “glove” tan I developed from dragonboating. and I think I’m sunburnt. darn it. and I have business tomolos. hm… that’s a lot of work. this is not making me feel better. >_<

tee’s heading home for the weekend. *hugs* ciaos ppl

ooooh… my… god!!!!!!!!!!!
Powerpuff Girls: The Movie – Official Site

tee’s been really good with the badmitten. she usually goes every wednesday and friday. she’s going today, despite her super super tiredness. she went to the csa dance last nite. muchos fun. got to see my sweetie of a cousin. plus stevie, and jen fong =) that was fun! and who else… oh, my usual cs ppls. but yeah, lots of fun. slept late, woke up early, finished up my calc assignment, didn’t get to say bye to adi, went to class, nwo I’m home and debating whether to sleep or to do more work. darn this homework. I have til 5:30 before badmitten starts. hm.

how fob are you?
so I come home to a msg on my icq. it’s from adi. and it reads:
hey tee? you there? im in WAT, james is coming up also. gimme a call on cell
apparently, my cousin, who came back from hong kong about a week ago, caught wind of the csa shindig going on down here tonite and decided to join in on the party. and despite my style of writing, I honestly am super fantastically happy to get to see my cuz tonite. I just think it’s cute, s’all. plus, I just finished a load of sushi. mmm sushi…

wow, did I forget to post yesterday? how strange…
welps, I played badmitten again (when I was supposed to be doing my calc assignment, but tiff seems to have some weird way of drawing me in…) and on our way home we stopped by stevie’s place… cuz he has OJ and a TV… both of which we don’t. ahhh how I missed my oj.
and tonite’s the csa dance. FINALLY, some party time for tee. she’s all exciteds. =)

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