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tee’s too lazy to update the pic. but yeah, eveyone moved in… and it’s all nice and cheery in here. the place is looking a lot more comfy. we’re enjoying it a lil more. the only thing we’re still not liking is the bathroom and the kitchen. andi says the kitchen is too dark. boo. >_<
but yeah, it’s nice. we’ve got a house meeting at ten. talk to y’all laters!!

guess who’s officially in wat today? and settling in nicely?? =)
… erm… yeah, besides the three little dudes on the bed. they’re chilling. just for warning, this will be the default picture for when I’m too lazy to update it.hehee… my place is okay. it’s… a little on the grimy side, and lacking a TV, but I’ll deal. s’long as I have my precious precious internet =)
tine to go settle in… by myself. ambrose says hi!

seriously just my luck for this thing to not be working properly… >_<

filler and filler and crap

there’s something definetly wrong with my blogger…. it’s really pissing me off, cuz I hafta write filler blogs just to make the real one show up. *grr*
well, it’s saturday morning. and tee leaves tomolo. she’s busy doing a lot of last minute packing… okay, not relaly last minute… but yeah, she’s busy packing and doesn’t yet have the heart to dismantle her compie *sniffles*
I’m gonna miss you guys!!!!!
laine – you better keep posting on the blog or I’m gonna kill you!!
ken – come visit!!! 65b!! I have no drinking friends! =(
shooey – *huggies* I haven’t seen you in a while. boo!! visit!! me n andi!
donna – erm, ignore the above comment… 0=) keep up with the math! get the wacom! *drool*
iola - how’s that halo doing? *HUGGIES* sollie I didn’t get to come visit you on friday.. =(
bryan - hope you have loads of fun in hk while I… learn java. *sigh* haha
vicky – haven’t talked to you in ages… hope you’re doin alrite
and… yeah, I don’t seem to talk to much ppl when I’m back in TO since I have no life so I can’t think of anyone else (to any of the beuf guys that I’m seeing this afternoon, I’m too lazy to write something up cuz I’m seeing you this afternoon
erm… that’s about it I think… I guess I’ll be posting back in wat!! ciaos!

for some reason, the quick posting doesn’t post the latest blog until it becomes the… not latest. so this blog is a filler so that the last one could show

packing packing packing!!
ahhh!! I don’t know what I need to bring!! >_<

this is tee’s new a purty all-in-one hp printer. *drool* =)

stolen from laine’s *finally* blogged up page. that’s right. come back to tripod biatch!! mwahahahaa … ahem.

I wanna soak up the sun
wanna tell everyone
to lighten up
I wanna tell them that I
got no one to blame
and everytime I feel lame
I’m looking up
gonna soak up the sun
Sheryl Crow

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