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oi. and happy easter all! *huggies* =)

just finished reading laine‘s blog. she wants everyone to go watch “death to smoochy”. richard, her boyfriend, is in a purple and white monkey suite playing the keyboards. =) and he dances. it’s making me quite tempted to go see it. haha!

I wonder if vicky knows that quote she has up on her page is a song called “my friend” from a group called plus one.
it’s a nice song =) go download it!

this is a pretty cool game. you just hafta shake the bunny off =) thank you clement who sent it to me!

happy (early) bday tiffy!!! *HUGGIES* I hope you liked the picture frame… sorrie I didn’t have a better pic of you and ambrose *lol* but that one was pretty cute wasn’t it? =)
anyways, can’t wait to go back to UW and chill with you s’more! and it was great seeing all you guys again: jeff, derek, gary, victor, jamie. too bad wayne couldn’t come =( I wonder if he’s still alive? hahaha!!!

tee made two lil snowbabies for her lonely snowman this morning. but they all seemed to have run away to hide from the sun. =( she misses them. *sigh*
today was muchos boring. she didn’t do much. talked to her sweetie via email. tutored donna. gotta go to sleep now, I’ve been lacking on the sleep in the last while. LONG WEEKEND coming up!! *hugs*

a site I looked @ from laine‘s page. btw, she updated her page, so if anyone’s seen her old page, they should click on her name and see her new blog. and if you haven’t seen her old page you should click anyways because I’m thoroughly impressed with the nice whiteness of her page. minus the scrollbars. but whatever.
but yeah, after clicking to her page, try the colour thing. that’s right, you’re not allowed to do the colour test until you go see her page. I’m keeping track of you all *glares evilly* now go!!

that’s right. vicky. she keeps thinking I’m dead or something cuz we haven’t talked in a while, even tho I DO go read her page ALL the time. but she’s never online for me to chat to (during those… ten minutes that I’m online per day), so I never get to talk to her. *pouts*

tee made a baby snowman before dinner tonite. that was around 7pm ish. he’s a small lil snowman. i didn’t have time to make him a friend or some family members =( he’s about four inches tall. and when I got home tonite… only his head was sticking out of the snow!!! eeps! at least he’s all nice and warm in a blanket of snow. I’ll try and make him a friend tomorrow morning so he won’t get lonely all day. unless it freezes over. oooh, I hope my lil snowman is okay…

it’s snoooooooowing!!!! =) everyone at work was giving me dirty looks cuz I was commenting on how great the weather was. hahaha, it was great.
I can’t wait til this weekend. it’s tiffy’s bday, plus I get to spend lots and lots of time with my sweetie.
oo!! good luck against brebeuf / st. jo’s tomolo babes!! *hugs* I know you’ll do SPECTACULAR!!
and don, moulin rouge is supremely amazing. seriously, it’s got such awesome songs!!
plus, I tried sending an email to ms. musalem, but it didn’t go through, so I think I have the wrong addy. uneek_40@hotmail.com. what is it?!

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