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disappointment!! I wanted to build mr. snowman today, but my bro told me it’s not packing snow. so I guess I’ll try for tomorrow. *sigh* =( I guess I wouldn’t really want him to start melting anyways…

everyone, meet the love of my life (now sweetie, don’t get jealous…). love of my life, meet everyone. isn’t he great? he can provide me with a steady future selling furniture and will always make our home comfy and cozy for ourselves and for our children if ever we have some. *swoon*
yeah it’s early in the morning, so I have a right to be stupid.

sent to me by the lovely bryan: Q209354 – HOWTO: RTFM
it’s quite worth the read =)
ums… kay so I finally finished my ginormous database work at ingram, and I’m back in markham dapasoft being bored. *sigh* I really liked working there, the … FOUR dapasoft people were so nice! what else what else… it was very trafficky this morning, 401 jammed everywhere. I got an email from my sweetie when I got in, which was awfully nice of him *hugs* Hubert was supposed to give me a ride home, but I went back to dapasoft at 3 so I didn’t need a ride from him. I called him and he told me he spent his morning playing games on yahoo. way to bust the co-op system! haha. um, I went on webbie when I got back to markham and did that for a while. I was helping ken figure out what he didn’t need on his computer, he’s deleting random stuff at the moment in hopes to make room for his evil MSOffice. the poor guy. my parents didn’t feel like cooking dinner, so we went to metro and got take out, and I bought some TARO BUBBO-T! yay me!! mmmm… so yummies.
*eeps!* sollies iola hun, but I promise that we’ll go have bbt next weekend!!!! =) after all your exams!! my treat!!
I got an ikea catalog in today. kay, not a catalog. but a flyer. and there are so many nice things. I think I want to get an entirely new shelfing unit. but what to do with the old one? hmm… this is all going under the “tee is to renovate her small lil room this spring and turn it yellow” project. whee!

look who I found off donna’s blog?!?!?! YAAAAY!!!!
where has this girl been hmm?? I haven’t spoken to her in aaages!!

ahh!! suddenly there are so many new albums that I want to download!! eason and sammi concerts and the new jacky album!! whee!

mmm… I had a pretty boring day at work today. sat around and didn’t do much, a lot of database schtuff again. Muchos thanks to my sweetie for the ride home, I hope you didn’t get in trouble.
I’ve been having cravings to go to the gym or do something healthy. I just hope I don’t get too lazy and forget about them. I really want to play some badmitten!! eeee!!!
oi! I forgot… happy belated bday to james and mags and ernest =)

@ work right now. what a morning, I waited at coffee time for an awfully long time for vi to come pick me up. we got here in half an hour, not bad. really sleepy and whatnot, I think I’m gonna sleep earlies tonite. staring at tables for an hour now, ALMOST done, I think I have one or two left *YAY!!* and then it’s on to… everything else in this darned database.
pst iola… when’s badmitten? =)
to my badmitten girls — good luck on exams! if they’re still on… I’m so out of everything!
vicky — I shall give you a call this week. donna’s blog has been telling me that I’m missing something VERY important in your life, and as your grandmother, I demand to know!! hahah *hugs*
bry — I think we need another date at maxim’s. are you up for cake anytime soon? =)
laine — I’m seeing your place this sunday and you best be home. or I shall be very very upset, and POSSIBLY break in and … leave the toilet seat up or something. pee on the floor. ahahahaa…

it’s times like these I need my sweetie / chinese translator to explain story lines to me!!

yay!! updated!! isn’t this the cutest picture ever?? that’s my sweetie!! =)
he was trying to hide from his webcam. hehehe… mmm I love him so much! *mwa*

holy crap. I’ve been waiting for tripod to fix it’s stupid file manager so I could update something and I’ve been waiting since yesterday and now I’m very very impatient. *grrs* I say

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