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new years eve eve.
it’s been the first day in the break since I’ve sat at home and not done anything.cept for dim sum with family. that was so filling =) sweetie comes back tonite. umm… finally finished downloading the kelly concert album. and of all the days I pick to whine to ian about boxup not working, it’s working. hahaha, I feel stupid. watched office space (again). kinda wanting to watch s’more movies, but I’ve got nothing that I haven’t seen. *pouts* have a craving to watch para para sakura. and the new movie with edison (stop laughing ambrose >_<) bored bored broed. wanna go out and party!! last nite was a lot of fun wif andi and girls. joey and michie came, I was super happies to see them. trying to get brownie points for my bf... drank a small bit. and then ate some bk. haha. going out for dinner now *^^* mmmm

aw crappies, I forgot to wish ALEX a happy birthday yesterday…. his gf abby came back from her family vacation and he spent a lot of time with her =) very happy for him.
kay I’ve gotta go get ready, gonna go out for some bbt and then head downtown for andi’s bday partay @ panorama. yays!!

you know what the fxck I’m saying? hum ga ling. hum ga ling. you know what the fxck I’m saying?
kel got me hooked on this lmf song. stupid kel haha. tonite was cary’s party, I got back around 1:30ish in the morn. quite tired. I met a lot of new ppl there, and I had so much fun! =) hehehe… thank you cary-goh!
and james was there too. but he left early to go clubbing. I hope he’s playing nice. =P
kay it’s late and I’m tired and … yeah, just tired. off to bed I go.

oooh just for a record, anyone wanting to check out the link below should NOT go scrolling around the site. it’s dirty dirty dirty *tsk tsk on war*

hahaha. who ever thought that arnold schwarzenneger would be so funny? thanks to war for the link *huggies* =) I suppose this is how those ppl make prank calls..

I didn’t post yesterday cuz when I tried there was this odd error thing that didn’t seem to work. apparently blogger had been hacked or something
so I went to pacific mall today. I actually bumped into a lot of ppl =) I went there to meet up with tiff, victor, jeff and gary. tiff had to go. then I met up with jen and james. bumped into vannie, simon, ivan and another guy… um… bumpoed into albert and patrick and ada. =) pacific mall is where everyone’s at, apparently. and I’m watching ali tonite with ernie, jen, james and adi. =) mm… and I went boxing day shopping down at eaton centre with laine and derek and flora. that was fuuuuun =) then I came back uptown to go k @ echo with the brebeuf guys. got to see kel and cary. whee!! aaaaand… right, tomorrow is cary’s early bday/late xmas party. that sounds like fun eh? hehe

tee found herself an animator. I know the quality isn’t as good and whatnot, but it does it’s job. this is just in case I don’t get to chat wif my sweetie tonite.
thank you bryan for the awesomely cool gift! it’s all soft and non-hurting too!! hahaha you’re the coolest!
and I’ll be off to go to adi’s soon. =) la la la la laaaa

mmm… hot cocoa. =) with lots and lots of marshmallows thanks to laine. and thanks to iola for the mashimaro photo album, it’s got a nice picture of my lil ram!!! mmm… and fah-eh for the cool lil box from bombay (you know what I’ll be usin it for *wink*) and thanks for my sweetie for giving me a call today. *mwa* I miss u so much!!! =( hope you’re not TOO tipsy *|>–| *^^*
merry christmas everyoneeeeeeee!!!

merry christmas all *huggles*
hope you’re all having fun and whatnot. or.. uh… sleeping, cuz it IS two in the morn. and I hope my sweetie comes online *crosses fingers*
sweetie: I miss u tons. *pouts* hope you’re shopping for an awesome gift for yourself. or my book *cough* or my postcard. hehehe =) 143!

so today wasn’t extremely interesting. ambrose would be rolling his eyes if he found out I was listening to the new edison album (peace and love). I dunno, I think he’s cool. haha =) I think he’s just jealous.
erm… had pho for lunch with family @ 88. then I went shopping at fairview with my bro. I’m … still not done my shopping, I still have to find a gift for my mom (can we say dead? *ergh!*)
and my brother and I made dinner tonite. with the help of m & m meat shops haha. oh! and I went to go visit shooey and anna-banana cuz they decided to eat lunch @ 3pm at congee wong. heheh *huggies*
what I’d REEEEALLY for for christmas, is for all those ppl that visit my page and haven’t signed the bookie to actually do so. teehee

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