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so I’m so frekkin slow on the postings. argh.
I had this psych psycho migraine last nite that wouldn’t let me get any sleep. sooooo tired. >_<* I felt like my eye was gonna explode from pressure. and I coudln't find any advil, so I had to wake up sweetie in the middle of the nite and ask him for some tylenol. it lasted all the way til 7 today, that's almost a whole frekkin day!! I didn't even get to go to calc this morning because of it! um... what else. I'm all tireds. I really want to sleep right now. I'm waiting for sweetie to come back downstairs, he's upstairs checking up on his roommate. alex's girlfriend is coming in today! =)
and tiff was over earlier… I hung out with her after algeo and we ate at slc and then went back to my place. she and ambrose played some kinda fighting game on my snes emulator for two and a half hours. during that time I went and took a shower, and read some of my new book, the miss hereford stories by my fav author: gail anderson-dargatz. everyone should go read the cure for death by lightning. =) anyways, yeah I’m really sleepies.
gotta go study and do cs. *sigh*

oh and I forgot, thank you marc for the card!!! =) *huggies*

oh crappies I almost forgot to update my site. I bought a lot of stuff today!!! UWShop was having a customer appreciation day and everything was 25% off. so.. uh.. yeah I spent a bit. I figured I deserve it. sweetie also took me to the south campus caf place (I don’t remember what it was called) and they made these awesome omlettes for us. mmm.. mushrooms and ham and shrimp and crab and green peppers and cheese. mmm.. *bryan, your omlette was pretty awesome too!!*
umm… yeah either than that, I haven’t done much. I finally sent in my coop stuff for dapasoft and hopefully I’ll get a position there. I have class tonite too, so I’m just… getting ready and whatnot. I still have a lot of psych to do, and a cs book to learn. ergh.

<-- a randomly old piccie of italics warm in bed. lucky kittie. =P

=) my bandwidth is down to 86
=( I have a lot of work to do
=( I’m really really tired
=( I have a calc quiz today
=) I finished my algeo assgt due today
=( I have a psych ppr to write
=( finals start on the 6th
=) I had ice cream last nite
=( I’m so extremely tired

guess who just found out two hours ago that she has a psych test tonite? ahhh… shoot me!!!

ahhh tuesday. the whole “no classes til 6:30″ day, it’s the greatest. but now… oh man do I have lots of work to do! =(

for those wondering what the picture is to your left, click here. for those too lazy to click, it’s mikey jr, mike’s lil teddy bear in monsters inc. isnt it so cuuuuute??? hehehehe

for mature audiences only hahaha… it’s not PORN, but it’s not… good for younguns. =)

get this crazy stuff… I had set today out for shopping wif bryan. oh wait, yesterday I surprised all my badmitten girls at school *I walked up the path with that heavy heavy bag! ergh!!* and bryan and vicky came! =) it was so muchos fun!! *huggies* I miss my girls! =(
ermmm… yesh, shopping with bryan today. I woke up at ten and I’m still really sleepy, I was out til 2:30 last nite at apollo *STUPID apollo and their minimum charge.. grr* and ernie came back from the states for thanksgiving *wheeeeee!* and I saw… jen 0=) and alfie, terry and war. and I listened to a lot of bad jungorrun ppl sing k. I kept trying to call sweetie cuz he said he’d be home doing work but the bum was out partying >_< he got home at six!!! *so grrs*
and I opened up a cibc account today, went to yum cha with adi’s parents, bumped into donna, went hunting for cell phones at metro with daddy, bryan picked me up, went to pacific to hunt for more cell phone plans. hahaha, the guy at telus was so funnie!!!
“you come tomorrow, sorry. no. only today. promo 25.” hahahaha… oooh mercy.
um, yeah. and then we met up with bryan’s brother aaron and his friend coral at yorkdale. I did a lot of window shopping. I bought nothing. buh. but then I had to go to shoppers tonite to buy some throat lozenges (did I spell that right? ah whatever) for my mom, and I think I spent pretty much all my cash there. it’s so weird, shoppers drug mart and me connect on such an awesome level!! but it’s not really my fault, my mom wanted this specific brand, but they didn’t sell them anywhere, so I drove around to three different shoppers just looking for it… and every time I … uh.. stopped to pick up a lil something for my hard efforts. =) I bought my cherry chapstick *hehe*, a new toothbrush (those indicator ones are such a jip), flinstone vitamins (I think that cost the most) and… some girl stuff. and somehow I started with forty bucks, and I’m down to five. not even, cuz my mom gave me ten to buy stuff for her. isn’t that crazy?!?! I should’ve redeemed my points man, I could’ve saved so much money. =P
so yaeh, that was my day. I know I said I was gonna chop my hair a bit, but I didn’t have time to do it yesterday. I guess I’ll do it another time. sweetie will be happy. hehe =P kay tee needs to … surf the net and then read something and go to bed. man, I haven’t done any work yet! eeps!!

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