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<-- it's too late at night to take a new picture, so I'm reusing this one. even tho... no one has seen this one cept andrew. it's the flowers that he got for me from the accounting semi formal =) (fake) pink carnations! they’re so purties!

now I remembered why I love waterloo. cara was right when she said that everything you ever worried about just doesn’t exist here. this experience of living on your own opens your eyes to the possibilities out there, and somehow shields you from the reality of family and friends that you left behind. I talked to darryl tonite. and suddenly I remembered everything that I left behind in one day to move to a city an hour away. and I miss home. I miss the nights of lying awake in the bed that you’ve slept in since you were eight. I love sitting on the hardwood floor, letting my eyes dance on all the small treasures on shelves, pictures of friends that came and went, the things that childhood is made of. my first night here in waterloo, and I didn’t call home. I was convinced that, as a nineteen year old student in first year university, I was too old to be constantly calling home, to be homesick, to miss every aspect of the house that I once was ashamed of because it had some red panelling and old cars and trees that bend when the wind blew just the right way. and now I’m sitting here, thinking about my room. about my kitchen, and how I’d always hunt through the fridge looking for food after I got home from fourth spare. about the sunroom where I’d always get mad at my brother for hogging the remote. about the basement where I’d run to in the summertime for cooling, spin around on the computer chairs, and hunt around for old toys. about the living room where I’d sit on the bay window for hours when the sun was just right because I was convinced I could get a tan without having to go outside (until my daddy put his orchids there instead). I miss my house. I miss my family. I miss my best friend that doesn’t live a block away from me anymore. I miss my friends that are as close as they are distant. I can’t believe everything has changed so much, and it somehow feels like it hasn’t. it scares me to realize how different my world is.
I remember being a child and riding my two wheel bicycle for the first time. I fell and scraped my knee up pretty bad. and I thought that was the worst pain the world. I guess I still am naive.

my network use is at 291. hahaha… but I should have 106 cleared out by tomorrow. =)
and the link below isn’t working cuz I put it on blogger when the page itself is hosted by tripod. *sigh* it’s really cute! =( I’ll figure something out.

this is so me.

<-- iola in my room
just got back from value village with ken. I bought a petro canada shirt, for no apparent reason except that it looked cool. and it was only four bucks. =) I still need to buy some medicine, I think I’m sick. *sniffles*

I promised sweetie I’d update this more often while he was back in sauga cuz he couldn’t be here to hear about my boring boring days. hehehe it’s almost one in the afternoon. iola woke me up at 11 this morning and told me she was here, and said she’d call me back later to meet up with me. jen called me 15 minutes later telling me she was abuot to LEAVE so I got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth and whatnot, and went down to go see her. I caught her JUST before her bus came *pouts* so I gave her a big hug and then she left, I walked back with andi and she told me abuot her shopping at fairview *drool* iola called me just a few minutes after I got back and I told her I’d meet her in the v1 lounge, so back downstairs I go, brought her back up to my room, took a picture of her (I’ll post it in a bit) and we talked for a bit and then I dropped her back off downstairs in the east cul-de-sac. then I walked back up, and sat here for a while. I’m eating brekkie at the moment. finished off the bag of milk. and I hafta do my dishes soon too! *eep* I feel like soup. they ahd clam chowder at brubakers yesterday!! =( but when tiff and I went, they were all sold out!

jen’s in wat right now. and… what else.
sweetie went back home *sniffles*
ken and I were debating whether to go to fed tonite, it’s halloween nite.
but ken doens’t feel like standing in the cold
so I’m just going over to his place. he’s got nachos and shrek.
even tho I’ve already seen it. with ken too. hahaha. =)
and I’m talking to faye online, I haven’t talked to her in ages!!!! wheee!
um… vannie’s back in TO too. and iola’s coming out tomorrow.
it’s really really cold outside! it was snowing!! =(
I need to buy more scarves. and… other winter clothing attire. hahaha.

apparently I have yet to pick up my osap from needles. I’m debating whether to do it today because you know, I… think I need to.
but it’s frekkin freezing outside. it’s windy and rainy and hailing. what the hell is up with this weather?!?
shoooey is coming to visit waterloo today!!! yaaaaaaaay! I can’t wait to see her! =)
and iola is coming to visit waterloo this weekend for the open house! yaaay! abbey girls!! hehehe =)

tee’s got a temporary keyboard til her sweetie goes back into TO this weekend and tries to find hers. apparently it’s pretty obscure or something, it’s not even listed on the logitech site. =( she’s very upset. she’s not used to this keyboard at all!!
ppl are coming ot wat this weekend (open house!) oooh, I almost forgot! I went shopping yesterday!! our don serina took ambrose, fion, and I out to fairview and then to conastoga and then to future shop for my keyboard. I bought this green sweater from gap <---- and I bought chris a birthday gift *happy belated birthday chris!! I remembered!! I swear I did!!!* and I bought another shirt from thirfty’s. =) I’m debating whether to buy this pair of light blue modrobes, it’s like sporty-ish. 35 bucks, with tax… hmm… today’s the last day I can get it. I also bought a giant box of cornpops, and some YUMMY oj. bryan: pulply!!!! =) heheheh *hugs* I’m so happy!!
kay tee’s gotta go do some hmwk.

tee is currently typing her blog wif her onscreen keyboard. she needs to buy a new one cuz her’s isn’t working at all =(
her poor baby… and she’s still really sleepy… wif a tutorial in half an hour. *sigh*

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