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wheeeeee!!! steph sent me this really funky game.
and.. laine made a links section on her page. and I’m up there! =) at first I was insulted cuz I thought I didn’t make it, but then I read again and the link that said “me @ waterloo” was… well, mine. I think that’s not the title of my page, but whatever. I still don’t know why she can’t seem to read my blog. odd.
and navigating onto lily‘s site from laine’s links, I found this: buddy christ!!!! hahaha, who’s seen dogma?

<-- guess what tee did today?
yeah her arm hurts. and she didn’t get a lot of sleep last nite. like two hours? she was having a nervous breakdown. so sorrie sweetie for waking you up. but thank you *huggies*
happy halloween ppl. what did everyone dress up as? =) lemme know!

holy crap it’s 4:17 and I’m still awake. someone shoot me.
tee’s massively stressed and wanting to cry. I hate being up so late and fustrated. ergh.

wonderful, I have this nice lil shortcut in IE that now lets me post without having to go to the blogger page. I checked my psych mark today, and I did surprisingly well. well… I did study for that, and I guess it does show. I still thought I was gonna do badly cuz there was a whole section that I didn’t get a chance to study which was on the test. but I got an 80, which I’m happy with.
hmm… what else. oh, I found a really cute site: doraemon-land!!!!!! honestly, how can you resist? =)

i am proud to be

… tom upstairs has pink eye. I’m afraid he’s gonna contaminate the entire upstairs floor cuz as I left, he was asking elliot to put eyedrops in for him. *eep* =P

<-- despite the smilies in this picture, I'm psycho stressed and sleepy.

and I’m 30% gay. hmm… how does that work? I’m pretty shure Iwasn’t taht gay the last time I took it, was I bryan?

cool, I’m 70% pure 0=)

according to thespark.com, I’m to die on july 11 at the age of 62. you know you’re gonna fail cs when you’re more interested in online tests…

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