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everyone, meet ambrose. =) I know it’s not a good picture, and neither was the last one. but I’m working on it!! it’s 8pm on a sunday, and that means..
SuNdAe SuNdAyS!!!! wheeee!! I’m soooo tired!

dammit, I just wrote out a long post and clicked sign out instead of post n publish and I lost it all!! so lemme try this again.
first off, happy birthday gary!! sorrie we stuffed you up with alki, we’ll try not to next time. we took the birthday boy to the bomber last nite, I bought him two mike’s, ambrose bought him a heini, and ken got him a shot of something we’re not quite shure of but it was pretty strong. he finished them all in half an hour… stevie and I were the two sober ppl (even tho I was really really red =P ). I had a heini curtesy of ambrose, and stevie had his heini and an ex I think. ken drank one shot with gary, three mooseheads and one shot of jack’s. ambrose had a heini, two mooseheads, and a shot of jack’s. and then we all got an orgasm. and then gary wasn’t feeling well so we decided it was time to go home.
by then, we had a tipsy ambrose, ken and gary… we missed last call at the bomber so we went back to ken’s where we had some tequila… stevie and I had one, ken and ambrose had three, and the two were done for the night. by the time I dragged ambrose back home it was 2:30ish I think. we watched hannibal, I tried to make him go to sleep like, 100 times, but he’s stubborn when he’s drunk. so basically we stayed up the whole night doing nothing. by six he was slightly sobered up so we took a walk at 7 and caught the sunrise…. went to the lounge to have some brekkie, saw gary wandering around outside so we went to see what the heck he was doing, we got locked outta our building *ambrose!!* and by the time we got back in and cleaned everything up and I got back to my room it was nine in the morning.
but it was a fun night. =) I hope gary and ken are doing alrite… ambrose is on a bike ride with ori at the moment… I hope he’s not falling into the street or anything. hahaha…

two loads of laundry will always take an hour and half. I think I came to that conclusion today. yeesh, I still have to start my comp assignment!! =( anyways, I woke up at 12:45. took a shower, did my laundry at two, ate some lunch at 3:30, just got back. gotta do some work, and then maaaaybe head to bomber. apparently gary can’t get in with this day after rule. *sigh* poor guy. I’ll worry about that later tho, gotta go do some work. cuz it’s a saturday nite, so I gotta be free!

okay so after getting at least 30 stupid stupid msgs along the lines of “where were you tonite?!” I’m finally home. I went to a campfire thing with ambrose and his CRT group and Oriana (who apparently is the same girl I met at Sick Kids Hospital). the map we had was very badly drawn and we ended up in St.Jacobs and two other counties before we found our way to jake’s house, which apparently is only 20 minutes from campus if we took the “right” way.
came back, ate a lot of food and had some hot cocoa cuz we were freezing, bumped into elliot and his friend who’s name I totally don’t know… richard and a tipsy tom. we walked to louie’s, tom treated us to a drink (thank you!) and ambrose and I came back to watch silence of the lambs. I just got back to my room. so that’s where I was, and tomorrow nite I’ll be at bomber because right at 12 it’s gary’s bday and of course I’ll be there to celebrate with him!

late late late! ahh.. .I rushed to needles and back in ten minutes how cool is that? I’m sooo tired, I look tipsy in this picture cuz I was red from all that excercise. I know I know, I’m lazy.
btw, I got the new sammi cd!! real too!! =) not fan-ban! hehehe yaaaay thank you andrew. it was my belated bday gift.

look @ the time. I can’t believe I stayed up this late doing a stupid assignment on limits! LIMITS!! grr!!

that’s me asleep in the bed.
that’s my cat monitoring the computer.
I just woke up. I have class at 7, and I’m eating dinner at 5:45. my tummy was hurting really badly this morning. I left my pills at home too. =( but I’m a lil better now.

I just like the turtle.

thank you for all the love and support you guys have given me. frum icq msgs to ice cream… *hugs* they’re all really sweet. I know you’re all worried but I’ll be okay. just wanted to let you know that all your thoughts and support were really helpful yesterday.

I feel like crying. I stayed up til 6:30 bawling my eyes out. my godbrother sent me an email that scared me. and all I wanted to do was to go back to toronto to see him. to give him a hug. I miss him so much. and I’m so upset that I couldn’t be there when he needed me the most. I’m so mad at myself, what kind of friend isn’t there for someone? I’m so sorry, I really wish I could’ve been there for you. I really wish I could’ve helped you. I love you, and I know I can’t take care of you from here, but I care about you so much. I miss you.

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