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leaving in two days
I wish I could’ve gone to jen’s house to see everyone before I left. but I didn’t want to show up at her house really really late at night and not sleep over so I guess it’s best to.. maybe wait til morning. I’ll call her in the morning to see if I can go see everyone before I go. it’s getting quite sad, I’m gonna miss my ppl so much. =(
today I went to go visit jamie. *waves* I know he won’t be reading this til much later, but I hope he’s feeling better and sctuff. I hope he liked his gift.
my best friend laine works at amato’s pizza. I suggest everyone go visit her and tip her very well. it’s at queen and bathurst, they make amazing pizza.
had dinner with bryan today. he bought me a schtuffed kittie!! I love it, it’s all white, so I think I’m gonna name it snowy. or italics. I’m not sure yet. any votes?
went to go visit my work ppl. it’s dianne’s last day too =( awww… I got to say hallo to nimy and mark and marc. *HUGGIES* I’m gonna miss u too!!
okies. gotta get back to the packing *sigh*

wow, I’ve got mad updates going on here.
song:nic tse – senses
smiling @:jay. he’s back from his china trip!!
missing: chris barnes. haven’t talked to him in ages.
craving: a bubble bath.
chilling from: btea wif james. finally got to check out unionville. nice place. nice pond. nasty-ass spiders. *shudder*

leaving in 3 days
I had a yearbook dinner today. actually I had a pretty activity-filled day. why does that sound so dumb? anyways I woke up late to woodpeckers (our house seems to attract a large amount of rodents, it’s disgusting…) and then bryan came over to help install some sctuff on my comp, I went to clement’s, sat and talked for a long while. yearbook dinner at seven, ran with mich to go get flowers at centerpoint… didn’t have enough time to stop by work and buy something for jamie, didn’t get to go out with my bro because I called him too late and he already made plans. =(
hoping I get to go have brekkie with him tomorrow before he works… and then meet laine for shopping in the morning (I’m making her wake up early just for me!!) and then I’ll go visit jamie.. dinner with bryan, sleeping over at jen’s. saturday will be completely family filled except for…. some quality time with johnny!! yay!

to my abbey family: five years was too short a time to spend with you all. I’m gonna miss you guys so much next year, I think it’s finally kicking in. you’ve all been so great to me, and I doubt I’ll ever find any friends as wonderful as you. tonight was a blast, I just wish we had done this more oft and sooner. but at least we did it once. best of luck to you all, and I’m only a call away. I love you.

.my winamp skin
so cuuuuute!! hahaha

time: it’s 3am. and I’m sleepy.
now downloading: tension album.
huggies for: nimy. my hero.
kicks to: marky d. he said that the main pic on my page had two ugly pics of me where I looked like guys. =P
surfing to: www.boxup.com (for the dls)
staring at: spider sol. stuck. *mumble*
craving: a chat wif my godbro =(
thinking about: digging a hole. haha.
song: Jay Chou –

for pics from my work cruise, click here. they’re postied on trason’s site (it’s digimon, and cute!)

leaving in 5 days
my cousin jacky leaves for england tomorrow night hk time. he’s going to boarding school there because he’s got good enough marks. so I’m wishing him the best. I hope he has lots of fun, I hope he has time to send me emails, and maybe (but I doubt it) he’ll have time to send me a postcard. speaking of postcards, I just got peter’s postcard in the mail today. =) he sent me one from hk. shure he spelt my name entirely wrong (teresa wu) but it’s the thought that counts.
gotta go bring my comp for fixing. I am feeling completely satisfied.

oh my god oh my god oh my god. it’s finally FINALLY done! you have no idea how happy I am to finally have this page up. *huggies* huuuuuge thanks to jamie for scanning a load of new pics for me. =) you’re the best. that’s it ppl. no more updates for another… six months. even though this update was really really overdue. hahaha. maybe when I get into wat I’ll have my webcam working.

I screwed up. jeff, I’m so sorry for my actions last night. you mean a lot to me, you’re a good friend, and thank you for always being there for me. I’m sorry if I hurt you. but I needed to get away, I needed to be a different me for one night. I never meant to hurt you in any way. I just really needed to enjoy a night like I hadn’t in ages. and yes, it meant drinking a bit. and yes, it meant being someone that not many have seen. but I just really had to get away from everything. I hope you’ll understand.

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