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I just realized that I haven’t a clue what the dress code is for tomorrow’s badmitten dinner. but I think I’m going with a skirt. it’s quite HOT outside to be wearing pants. has anyone checked laine’s blog lately? now that she has loads of free time, she updates it like, fifty times a day, it’s so hilarious. all the entries are along the lines of:
“I’m bored. I need to go ooooooooout”
“I’m still bored. I have nothing to do. I have so much time”
and so on and so forth. she makes me laugh.

today is alfie’s birthday.
* h u g g i e s *

I luv him, I’m very sad that he’s not comin to waterloo with me. =(

I was frantically searchin the house for a shirt to wear out today. I felt like wearing.. eh, like, no tank tops or anything cuz the weather doesn’t look too amazing. so I found a shirt in the living from from my aunt for me. and it’s yellow. a light yellow. I figure, this’ll work, and it’s a large so hey, even better. now would be a good time to state that my aunt is from hong kong. so I try the shirt on, and it’s too big. a hong kong large is too big for me. I’m feeling sooo good. =)

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