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that was just something I decided to write a while back. I was fustrated about stuff. I know it might not make a lot of sense to a lot of people, but… for some reason, I like it.

Said the frog perched upon his lily-pad:

aznave isn’t working at the moment.
I’ve been home for fifteen minutes now. I’ve had one of the hardest days in my life. there was so much I wanted to say, wanted to do, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I kept getting scared. scared scared scared. scared about losing a friend. scared about ruining what’s already on fragile ground. I hate my life. seriously, I live in a psychotic world. nothing makes sense. I feel like falling. I haven’t eaten anything since ten in the morning. I really feel like hitting something.

I know I know… lack of updates… sorrie….

okay, so I go into the algeo room all set to not do any hmwk and to avoid the teacher cuz I didn`t do any hmwk. and once everyone`s settled, she (the teacher) takes out this nice big envelope and says “so the results from the father holmes came back yesterday…” and my buddie caroline says “oh yeah, congratulations theresa” (me: buh?)
apparently I got a certificate of distinction for a math contest I thought I failed. so after the whole class cheers, we learn a lesson on mathematical induction (me: buh?) and then I asked for my certificate to show my mom cuz heck, she`ll be so proud. and my teacher says shure, hold on, and leaves the class.
two minutes later, all SEVEN staff members from the math department in our school come INTO OUR CLASSROOM and stand in a line to SHAKE MY HAND. holy craaaap that was embarrassing….
but then some other girl in grade eleven scored the highest mark in toronto for grade ten math and she got a plaque so the math teachers stormed into that finite class and presented the award to her. michelle and I went to watch, cuz I didn`t want to be the only girl embarrassed. hahaha…
either than that my day was alrite. work was boring (as usual) and I have a huuuge english essay to do tonite. looks like no sleep again for me. damn, there’s a raps game on right now too. but we’re losing like mad. =(

last nite was a fun nite. bryan and I went for free ice cream at baskin robbins cuz it was customer appreciation day. then I came home to watch the raps game. and we won. yaaaay!!! =)
and today was one of the most boring days of school I ever had. all I had was this SIN contest first period (which was a waste of two hours, I only answered six questions… yeesh) and then I had spares for the rest of the day cuz everyone was at minkler for the spring concert. I had time to go home and change and then head out to seneca to meet up with donna so that we could go play pool at her grandfather’s condo. it’s six now, and I’m heading out in an hour to go to seneca again to watch theconcert!! I’m excited. =)

so our leafs lost last nite. *sigh* I was pretty upset about that. but that’s alrite, I know we’ll win the next one… hehee. I really don’t wanna do homework tonite. technically I have none, but you never know. I wanna go shopping. today’s like, my biggest “free” day ever, I only had one class and no homework, and for some psycho reason I’m still sitting at home. I really wanna go out, but faye was busy and didn’t have time for me, so I’m waiting for bryan to get home cuz he said he’d go shopping with me.
man, I did absolutely nothing today. I was even late for bio class in the morning. but we were doing karyotyping. basically, cutting out little pieces of DNA on paper and finding their match to figure out if the person had any abnormalties (or as we call them in bio, mutations). I had problems pairing my chromatids, and I kept saying there was something wrong with my person…
tomorrow is the abbey spring concert!! yay! I can’t wait to go! it’s my annual tradition with michie, and it’s the last one at minkler, and it’s my last year, so I’m pretty excited. and donna‘s treating me to a few rounds of pool after school tomorrow, s’long as I go pick her up from band practice at seneca.
hey, isn’t there a raptors game on tonite? yay!!
sonique: boyz II men w/ mariah carey – one sweet day

someone remind me once again WHY I bother studying for physics?? seriously, that test was absolutely beyond my abilities. last nite I was thinking, it can’t possibly be that hard because he’s giving us all the equations. of course, he didn’t give us all the equations. in fact, he gave us less than half because apparently we were supposed to know how to derive the rest of em. *bitterness*
I basically only had one class today, which was this stupid test. computers we watched the second half of the movie the contender (it’s pretty good!), and I skipped english to sorta study but not really for the bio comp. which I also did bad on. It’s put out by UofT, so it’s also got that “if you screw up you lose 1/3 of a mark and thus it’s possible to get a negative score” marking scheme that scares me cuz I mean, hey, no one wants a negative score right? sooo I sat there for an hour writing this contest that I really didn’t know anything on. and when I handed it in, pretty much everyone filled in almost all the bubbles, and I had like… twenty-ish or so? whatever, it’s over with.
today’s the first day in a long while that I don’t have a lot of hmwk. just algeo. and I’m kinda feeling too lazy to do that. probably because there’s a leafs game on tonite and I’m excited as hell to watch it… yay!! =) and if I remember the combo to the shed in the backyard, maybe I’ll get my bike and go ride for a bit.
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