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sonique: bustos and lam – whereever you are
it almost makes me cry. *sniffles*

alrite. so it’s sunday afternoon. I just got home from going to fairview with laine where we got make-overs @ shisheido. hahaa, it was fun alrite? =P um, so basically this was the rest of my week:
wednesday: shopping with laine @ fairview. she bought new pants.
thursday: badmitten game against Brebeuf B. we lost. royally. *sigh* hehe, but that’s alrite, I know our team tried their best. up til 2:30 working on english presentation
friday: descartes practice @ 7:45am. didn’t get to present my english *grr*. badmittn and abbey fx meeting @ 3pm. out to see enemy at the gates with paul. yearbook meeting at michie’s @ 10:30 til 1am.
I’m so tired. theatre brebeuf’s production of romeo and juliet is on tonite. my sweetie ivano is romeo!! =) can’t wait!
ps. huuuuuuge physics test on tuesday. gonna start freaking out soon…

hm, that wasn’t as hard as I expected. =)

alrite. it’s 7:30 (almost). after two minutes of hunting (because I thought it was gonna take a lot longer), I found kelvin‘s number. kelvin’s this lil guy that plays bantam at smc badmitten. donna called me, and used this whole “responsibility as assistance coach or something or other” to make shure he comes to practice tomorrow. which is really dumb, cuz well, I only want to manage my abbey girls, and this boy doesn’t even know who the heck I am. *sigh* well, here goes nothing.

I’m home now. we had a badmitten game @ st.mikes against del. and we won. but just barely. and I feel so bad, cuz I made iola and vicky wait at wilson stn for a looong time just for us. and we couldn’t find anyone. it was just me, cathy and jess and we couldn’t find donna, karina, anne, or chimine. and we all ended up getting to st. mikes are different times. ai… =( but we ended up winning. which all works out nicely. I’m a little sleepy, and I still have a whole english presentation to prepare for friday (which requires me picking five poems by e.e. cummings… anyone care to help?)
sonique: Eason Chan – K

oooh, I almost forgot:

* h a p p y – b i r t h d a y – d a n i e l ! ! *
my buddy since grade eight, you’ve always been a crazy character! hope you’re enjoying your day, and I know I still owe you a phone call…. =)

I just got home. I got off school at 12:30, and I met up with laine to go to fairview. I didn’t buy anything, but I found a whole load of stuff I want to by. so I guess I have my paycheck planned out. It’s a horrible spending habit of mine… *sigh*. I also sprayed on some ralph, the fragrance. It’s soooo nice! (that’s on my “to buy” list too… geez, going broke here!) and, as our biannual tradition continues, we took photobooth pictures yet again. and we walked around for a good three hours, went to the library to try and find a book I needed for english (which I didn’tfind), and then went back to laine’s house in an unsuccessful attempt to borrow abbey gym shorts from her. she couldn’t find them. and then I came home. and now I’m just… sitting here. online. I still smell yummy. =)
sonique: boyz II men – everything is you
– this is a cheesy adaptation from iola’s [ aka. 0=) ] song of the day. sorrie luv!

it’s monday. I got three hours of sleep last nite, I’m sooo tired. I could barely stay awake this morning. badmitten practice *mutter*. but I got a spare for english, so I sat in the cafe with fah-eh [faye] and a few other ppl discussing prom. haha, now that semi’s just ended, all the grads are talking about prom and dresses and prom dates! it’s a lot of fun just thinkin about it! =) um… and then paul came to pick me up, and we went to empress to drop off my film, and then we went to tenrens for some bubbo-t. mmmm!! ummm, we had a game against PCA today. we beat them 5-2, but we were all mad at the smc coach cuz he benched all the players that we were expecting to help us win. *grrr* and now I’m home, after a long day. I should get some rest, but algeo’s keeping me up. hahahaa….
sonique: all 4 one – I can luv you like that

I had so much fun yesterday!! =) semi was amazing, and dinner and the sleepover! alrite, so this was my day yesterday:
lunch @ marches w/paul, paul chavez, adi, andi and jen. I had a yummie rosti w/sour cream. mmm!! then we went back to abbey to play some badmitten. well, we only had one small court set up, so I finished my algeo hmwk while adi, jen, paul and iola played. then I left w/jen to go home and get ready for semi. ummm… at like 5:10 I showed up at vannie, and as she took a shower, I got to talk to herman. so we got ready and left her house late, and met up with everyone late. @ neptune’s cove at bayview village: bday girl jen and michie, andi, derek, anna p, james, maggles, adi, vannie, war, si, michele heng, catsy, sarah h, ivan, wendy, stephie and her boyfriend. we literally ate out dinners in fifteen minutes, cuz we were running late. and our bill came with these reeeally good chocolate-covered strawberries. they were sooo good!!!
so then we left the restaurant at 8:30pm. michie was a fast driver, she got us to the semi place in woodbridge in fifteen minutes! so @ the semi: michie, jen, michele, andi, vannie (my date), stephie (michie’s date), anna p, sarah and catsy. we met up with a lot of ppl, a few of them (that I can think of at the moment): fah-ey *haha*, tanaka, lil, chanie, ali, talia, taline, vicky, sabby, daniel soobratty *whee!*, ms.musalem!!. I even requested “independent women” for her. =) I luv her… and from the semi, I called paul when I was bored. but he was too busy playing pool and gitz and having bubbo-t so he couldn’t talk for long.
so um.. after dancing, we left at 11, and went back to jen’s for a girl’s sleepover. it was just michie, jen, adi, andi, anna k, and me. we ate a whole load of junk food and watched love and basketball at two in the morning. so I went to bed at like, five-ish. and I woke up at 11, and michie had left really early, so the rest of us got pizza, and then ernie came back today, so she came over, and the bunch of us snuggled under all the blankies and just talked for an hour. then adi and I left so now I’m home. =) it was an awesome nite!! heheee

* h a p p y – b i r t h d a y – s h o o e y ! *

I have 15 minutes to get ready for tonite. I’m in my soon-to-be pj clothes, and it’s really hard to type when your nails are glossed. hahaa, tonite is an-girls nite out. so dinner first, then dancing, then sleep over @ jens. wheee!! I came home, and … oh, paul would be so proud of me, I took a 10 minute shower. and I washed my hair. but I didn’t dry it, I plan to do that at vannie‘s when I figure out what the hell to do with my hair. umm…. I don’t have much time, so I can’t type out much.it’s gonna be odd, that tonite I probably won’t get to talk to paul late on the phone like usual. but Im shure he’s probably heading out with his guy friends. to some… strip joint or something, I dunno *haha*. I miss him already.
alrite, I’m not gonna spill my life here. I’ve gotta go paaaartay! =) ciao ppls! hehehe

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