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Tamia: Who Do You Tell
There you were in a crowded room
with someone, at least I assumed
How did I know I would fall in love with you so soon

Just one look in your eyes and I see the truth
And I try hard to hide that I’m made for you
but I know deep inside, things that we could do
Just as long as we’re together but…

Who do you tell when you love someone
Hoping that someone’s in love with you
Who do you tell when you love someone?
I think I might as well tell you

I can’t believe that I feel this way
There is so much that I want to say
I wanna touch you, hold you, feel you, please you
As we’re making love all through the night
We would talk to each other
We would laugh and play
We would claim it’s forever
Every night and day
We would share every minute
’til the test of time
In my mind…

Who do you tell when you love someone
Hping that someone’s in love with you
Who do you tell when you love someone?
I think I might as well tell you

I’ve hesitated much too many times
And I won’t let you slip away from me no
I know you’re for me and me for you
but I don’t know what to say or to do
So now that we’re together
I’m telling you

Who do you tell when you love someone
hoping that someone’s in love with you
Who do you tell when you love someone?
I think I might as well tell you
I think I might as well tell you

I’m in comp class right now. fretting about grad pics. ahhhh!!!! I have… like… forty minutes before my pictures. and I had to finish my stupid english isu last nite and then I didn’t do my physics. that was like, guilt-o-rama. =(
alrite, that’s about all I can think of right now. I’m worried about pictures. and about getting out of english class to take pictures. I think McGuire is gonna kill me… eep…

if anyone happens to jump on to azn ave frequently, there’s a wonderful character named hipstomp who writes the articles “Love within a 10-block radius”. it’s not only a great read, but also hilarious. check it out if you have time. and aa. (I know laine’s laughin at me for this one…)

english isu is due tomorrow. picture day is tomorrow. lack of sleep tonite = one finished english isu = one nasty looking picture day. man, this bites. =(

I didn’t go out yesterday. I was so bored. I had to do something. So I ate some chocolate. And today I had this huge migraine. It hurt like a biatch, my whole left eye felt like it was gonna explode from a pressure overload or something. and I got yelled at by many ppl at work. but I got to write a few notes to all my friends on some old receipts and stuff, so I guess it was okay. the migraine’s still there though.
oh hey, lady and the tramp is on right now. for those of you online, shame on you for not watching it (It’s commercials right now). and for those who aren’t online… you better be watchin it. =)

Paul just reminded me of a conversation last nite:
Clement, Paul and I were at Mache’s and they were discussing school and uni apps and stuff… and I had no idea what they were talking about so I stayed quiet. and (I assume its because he’s a nice friend and whatnot) Clement asks me what girls talk about and I automatically said threesomes. And somehow, they got onto this topic about like ten people, and Clement said how they could only be guys if you want a ten person orgy and the both of them kept trying to come up with these combinations… it was so dirty.. hahaha.. =)

so I’m home now… it’s 1:15am. I’m a little sleepy, and a little tired. but I had a good day today. not too much homework, and a lot of partying… and well, spending a bit of cash, but whatever. =) so first I had a descartes meeting in the morning, physics, lunch, computers, and then I got off early cuz my english teacher wasn’t here. I went to Empress to pick up my surprise party, HK, work dinner, and semi pics and met up with Ken for lunch. Um… when I got home, I was putting away all my pictures. I went out around 6ish, had dinner with Paul and Clement, and then went to the SMC dance. I know I know, dances are for niners, but it was a lot of fun, I had a great time. =) anyways, yeah… that was my day. I should start on my english isu now, it’s due tuesday. *sigh*
kay, ciao!

so my brother comes in here all huffy and stands behind me for like, two minutes. I think he was wanting attention or something, so I figure if I wanted him out of my room I’d have to talk to him.
me: what do you want?
him: nothing. when are you done with the net?
me: I dunno, *ppl had just come online that I wanted to talk to* say half an hour?
him: fine
–he’s still in my room–
me: *sigh* you’re mad cuz you didn’t get to go out tonite aren’t you?
him: oh NO… I’m not mad that i didn’t get to go out, I’m mad because they didn’t give me a reason! they never give me a ****ing reason.
me: they don’t NEED to give you a reason, they’re your SON, that’s a good enough reason as any for them to place limits on you. You don’t even show them that they can trust you, you always go out and never tell anyone where you’re going or who you’re going with or what time you’re going to be home. You come back at like, four in the morning and just sleep the day as though you’re not part of this family. Maybe if you CARED more, they’d trust you more
him: I have a CELL phone, if they ever needed to reach me, they can call that. they dont’ have to wait up for me, I’m 21 for god’s sake
me: who CARES how old you are, you’re living under this roof, you follow these rules. If you don’t like it, you’re welcome to leave.
him: wtf?!
–walks away muttering profanity, not shure if it was directed to me–

grr.. he pisses me off sometimes.

this was my day:
7:45 wake up. late start *yeeees!*
9:30 class- bio. something about graph analyzing?
11:30 cell phone goes off in algeo *whoops*
1:27 done school for the day
1:27 – 3:07 jen and I play numerous rounds of GIN in the senior locker room. waiting for yearbook meeting to start. It was nice to talk to her. =)
3:07 yearbook meeting. I got to cross off faces of a lot of ppl. mwahaha
4:20 left school in adi’s car. dropped off jen and andi
4:41 some guy gave us the finger from his car. it was really hilarous. =)
6:45 home now. bored.

alrite, so I watched the grammys today. I didn’t enjoy the host, but the musical acts were quite good. but I love faith hill and U2 and … pretty much all of em, so I have nothing to complain about.
OH, and it was report card day. *shudder* not a pleasant site. um… yep, I’ve got nothing interesting to say at the moment, hehehe… kay, I’m off to bed, I need some well-deserved sleep. *hugs* nites

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