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A hundred year’s sleep

As I was writing thank you cards, I re-read one from my aunt where she wrote in Chinese:

tee: ‘bat leen ho cup’?
a: ‘bat leen ho hup
tee: what does that mean?
a: a hundred years of being together
tee: give me another sentence with the word ‘hup’ in it
a: um…
tee: ‘hup an fun’? (which means to sleep)
a: … yes. may you sleep for a hundred years.

100 done, another … 60 or so more to go. Oh boy.

Woo Chan Clan Wedding Extravaganza

Thanks Chengy for the fantastic photo!

I’m married! Our wedding was fantastic, and despite the fact that my face was melting in the heat, I had a great time. Highlights included:

  • our MOH being the only one to arrive on time, but forgot her dress
  • our best man trying to break down my door with a stick
  • the minister telling everyone to stand for the bride as my MOH walked in
  • the crowd standing around awkwardly after the ceremony because no one directed them where to go
  • my beautiful man giving a speech where he cried like a baby
  • the lion dance. the most amazing lion dance ever. performed by our best man.
  • dancing my last slow dance of the night to flight of the conchords

Thanks to everyone who came. You all made the night fantastic and even if the wedding sucked you didn’t let me know it. :) I love you all!

Quick wedding update

  1. All my bridesmaids now have their dresses. I’m assuming they’re all making alterations of sorts?
  2. After hunting all over the city in so many different stores, I have wedding shoes! They’re white, they’re plain, and they’re awesome. :)

    my wedding shoes :)

    my wedding shoes :)

  3. I finished the cake toppers finally! They’re adorable, I can’t wait until the wedding is over so they can come home with us.
  4. I figured out what to do with all the jars, but it requires some additional work so we’ll see if I have time for it.
  5. Also including a peak at our invites:
    outside envelope.

    outside envelope.

    I just got Terry’s invites the mail, and it’s so gorgeous!

  6. Still figuring out: favours, place cards, and the veil. Also still hunting for: evening dress, if possible.

Wedding stuff. Like a Bachelorette?

On discussion the bachelorette party:

MOH: BTW, Nathan* has offered to strip for you.  I’ll make sure he starts working out more if you say yes.
A: At least you’ll finally get to see Nathan. You always complain that he’s like the polkaroo.

*Nathan is my fantastic MOH’s fiance

I’ve suddenly got a lot of ideas for the wedding and I’m not sure if I’ll finish them all before I head back to TO. I suppose I could also do them while I’m there, but I’m fairly certain I’ll be super distracted by family and possible work that I may have a freakout a week before.

Also – I threw out my back. Or something. I can’t run. I can’t play ultimate. It hurts to bend over to put on socks. Or walk up hills. Or walk down hills. I’m in such a sad state, especially when the ulti team needs girls :( But being back broken has given me lots of time to sit around and do wedding activities.

Also – I’m going down to Seattle next weekend as A has a conference there so we’re taking a trip and hanging out with my nerd friends (heart!) and doing some shopping? :) I’m really looking forward to it. We also shipped a lot of crap to their place to bring back, including Steph’s BM dress so I really should go pick it up soon. It probably needs alterations of sort.

I would post pictures but apparently they’re on the other computer. Having two laptops is sometimes extremely fustrating when it comes to coordinating things.  It’s even more fustrating when both laptops are kinda sucky.

Hugs to Steph & Gord for their beautiful wedding at Casa Loma. It looked fantastic!! :)

My third wedding nightmare

This seriously has to stop.

So it’s apparently past my wedding day and I’m in TO looking at pictures of the day only to realize that I was not wearing my wedding dress. I was wearing a wedding dress, but it wasn’t mine. So I’m furious, and start yelling at my parents: “why am I not wearing my own wedding dress! I can’t believe you let me go down the aisle in someone else’s dress!” to which my mom replies “how come you can’t tell your own dress from someone else’s!” (mom-1, tee-0).

I go to my closet and see the dress in there in it’s white covering and I’m fuming  “the dress is right here! you didn’t know that this is my dress! it’s in the dress cover and everything!” At this point, I call A, who’s staying at his parents (even after we get married, it’s all backwards I know) and I’m whining to him about the whole situation. A says “Are you sure it’s your wedding dress?” And I say “of course it’s my dress! How can you not tell a wedding dress from -” and I open the covering hanging in my closet and it’s a ridiculous pink prom dress in there. Apparently I wanted to get married in a pink prom dress.

And of course I stared at it while on the phone with A thinking “what in the hell was I thinking?”

Good thing I woke up before I saw my mom again, otherwise I’d have to listen to her smug “I told you so” (and no, that doesn’t up her score to 2).

My second wedding nightmare

Apparently it was June 19th and I was bumming around my house when my mom shows up at my door and asks why I’m not dressed yet. And I say “dressed for what?” and she says “your wedding”. Er?

Apparently I thought my wedding was supposed to be a week later on June 26th, but I was wrong and people were on their way over to our house as we spoke. To make matters worse, I realized that Steph’s dress was still in Seattle, so one of my bridesmaids had no dress to wear! Crap! And Elaine’s was still be altered! Double crap! So I’m running around in my jeans and plaid shirt (I dunno why, I don’t even own a plaid shirt anymore) wondering what to do when Steph shows up at my door all angry that I didn’t get her dress yet, and then she’s even more angry because she’s also wearing jeans and a plaid shirt, and again with the whole “my vendors aren’t around because I told them all june 26th” deal.

This sucks, I hate waking up angry. I seriously need to get on this planning bandwagon. Currently on my to-do list: music.

My first wedding nightmare

I had a dream last night that it was my wedding day, and I was for some reason getting married at some old wooden church and all of my vendors were AWOL. So all my guests were seated at 10:55 and I’m downstairs waiting to make my grand entrance when someone tells me my minister isn’t here. And I’m like, wtf? But that’s okay, because I’m a church, and the minister of whatever parish this is can perform my ceremony for me! So I go on a hunt for the church minister in my wedding dress –

Oh, yeah and my wedding dress was my actual wedding dress, but for some reason the bottom hemming had come undone completely when I put it on at the church, so it held in place by safety pins and came out like a giant fishtail. It was… not pretty.

– so I’m running around trying to find the priest, and when I finally find him he says he can’t perform my ceremony because I’m not a member of the parish. And besides, didn’t I already have a minister booked? So I mentally shake my fist at him and decide to try and call the minister I booked to find out where the heck he is, only to take out my phone and realize it was completely dead. Angry and cursing to the sky, I pull out my bag to find the binder of contracts except it’s not there because I didn’t bring it. Genius.

So now I demand a computer (and at this point the priest cannot deny my request because I’m going bridezilla) to try and find his contact online because I’m sure it’s on some website somewhere, and while I’m scouring the internet, a groomsman comes by and timidly asks what to tell the guests who are getting antsy upstairs. The clock reads 11:30. I say just play some music in the meantime, and tell them we’re having some logistics issues. to which the groomsman replies, but the DJ isn’t here. And I have a complete freakout. All of my vendors apparently were a no-show, and I had no contacts for any of them, and everything was late and my guests were slowly getting up and leaving ahhahaa.

And in the middle of my freakout, I woke up completely angry and disoriented and it was completely dark outside and I had no idea what time it was.

So I drank some water and went back to bed. Angry.

Wedding Update

My wedding is kind of fast approaching. I’ve got a lot of things left on my plate, and it’s really hard to concentrate seeing how the weather is so nice outside. But I can share one random thing for my wedding, and that’s mason jars.

recycling mason jars

recycling mason jars

I’ve got about 15 so far sitting in my apartment (I didn’t think about the transporting bit yet, we’ll figure that hurdle out when we hit it). The crazy thing is I’m not entirely sure what to do with them. I did test them with candles and they held up fairly well, but I may need to revisit this. Right now I’m thinking of throwing flowers in them instead of candles, so that they’re easier to move around during the day (and who needs candles outdoors during daytime? what was I thinking!).

Inspiration for the wedding comes in waves. Some days I say “I’m so over this whole thing”, and some days I can’t stop thinking about it. I get excited over new ideas and pictures – it becomes an obsession. A is getting confused with my hot/cold relationship to our wedding. It may also have to do with the fact that we had this conversation recently:

tee: let’s go visit San Fran after our wedding for 2 weeks!
a: sure? like a mini honeymoon? what’s in San Fran?
tee: yes. also jason mraz is playing there end of august
a: omg *starts walking away*

Less than 3 months to my wedding. Working hard at just trying to keep an even tan, but my obsession with being on the water, 8k running, and 3 hour ultimate frisbee games will be the end of it, I’m so sure. I have no lines, but my shoulders are shades paler than my forearms. Boo.

On Wedding Magazines

From Elegant Brides 2008, a free bridal magazine for the Asian community in the GTA

The 5 Do’s and Don’t’s of a Weddng

The 5 Do’s

  1. Guest Invitations
    A wedding ceremony is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity you should invite as many relatives and friends as possible to witness what will prove to be the most joyous day of your life.
  2. Use Your Best Men and Brides Maids
    Your guests will try their very best to get you drunk. If you want to stay sober and remember what should be a memorable night, you must invite all your best men and best women to drink for you.
  3. Jacky Cheung
    Invite Jacky Cheung to perform “Your Name My Surname*. Beware of the cost for a spectacular night!
  4. Invite the Bride and Groom
    If you want to witness the live capture of the bride and groom taking each other as a prey, you must get an invitation. Minimum admission fee: $80. Absolutely no encore! **
  5. Honeymoon
    After you’ve gone through the above steps, you just need time off for your honeymoon!

The 5 Don’t’s

  1. Don’t Invite the Head-Turner
    Do not invite the “head-turner” – beautiful women that most men, including your newly wedded husband, might stare at all night. Remember you should be the most beautiful woman of the night!
  2. Don’t Allow Any Babies
    Babies usually make a scene wherever they go. Don’t allow any babies if you want to remain the centre of attention on your big night.
  3. Don’t Invite Aaron Kwok
    Aaron specializes in singing and dancing, often showing off his six-packs and his provocative gaze in the process. One of his most famous songs is called Steal Your Show. Don’t let him steal your bride. ***
  4. Don’t Allow Any Pets
    Do not allow any cute little pets that can easily draw others’ attention away from you. And let’s not forget the racket they can create. What’ll you do if they give your gorgeous wedding gown a bite?
  5. Don’t Invite Scrooge
    Frankly speaking, a wedding banquet is also a business. Don’t invite guests who have their wallets under lock and key. ****

* I’m a huge Jacky Cheung fan and love this song.
** Seriously, I don’t know what this point is about. The translation is just bizarre.
*** I don’t know how famous this song is, as I couldn’t find it on YouTube.
**** w. t. f.

On Engagement.

In my constant trolling for wedding inspirations, I found the most amazing wedding cake.

Super Mario Wedding Cake!

Bow down in it’s glory. It’s so very cool.

One of my loves in being in a relationship with someone is that you teach each other to see from different perspectives. A finds this extremely difficult to do (teach me) because I’m a big stubborn person who loudly exclaims “I don’t like change, I like things to be the way they are because it makes me comfortable.” But, my friends, the world is constantly changing, and if we want to make a difference, we must change as well.

Being with A has taught me that I tend to go with the flow. I do things because everyone else does them, and I don’t want to look stupid by not doing it or by doing something else. I am comfortable being just another face in the crowd, I am comfortable not drawing attention to myself. A on the other hand, is comfortable when he does what he wants and what he deems to be important regardless of what strangers think of him. While I admire him for his way of thinking, I would refuse to be in the same boat. To each their own.

While I love being in a relationship that challenges me to learn new things, I’m always stuck at the point where I’m more comfortable in my own bubble. A always finds this extremely frustrating and constantly re-evaluates whether the want to teach me new ideas is worth the bickering. We tend to look at things very differently, and I wonder if it makes a relationship harder to grow. Not to say I don’t grow at all – I’ve become better (a lot better) at saving money, I re-evaluate the necessity of items when I shop, I’ve tried to read books he recommends in order to learn more of his interests. I wonder if he notices these things. And I wonder if there is ever a point where he stops to think about whether he would really want to be in a relationship with someone who thinks the exact same way he does. I think I’m a little bitter because we constantly get into disappointing conversations where I don’t seem to care about my future, or my goals, or the use of my time, and all these negative statements are making me wonder how far I need to jump before he says he loves me the way I am. It seems strange that someone would say that and then say “I wish you did _______” or “cared about _______”.

I get the feeling he wishes my in life were in line with his. To be honest, I’m not sure what my priorities in life are at the moment. Is that bad?

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