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The other day I had a craving for sushi, so I decided to try a Japanese restaurant that recently opened up. They boast a healthier option to Japanese food with organic greens, no additives, all their rolls being made from brown rice and being MSG free. I ordered take out from their little restaurant, but the interior looks like a cozy place to enjoy some lunch with friends.

Seating interior at Shizenya

They also have seasonal speciality menu items (mangoes are currently readily available in most groceries stores as they’re now in season in Mexico).

Daily specials at Shizenya

As I was going to bring the food home to eat, I requested no chopsticks and no soya sauce – my kitchen is stocked with both those items and I always try to avoid getting more of them. I eagerly took my sushi home, and opened up the bag. As I normally order my take-out sushi from Samurai, I’m very pleased they Shizenya doesn’t use styrofoam packaging.

Takeout Packaging at Shizenya

I was pretty hesitant about brown-rice rolls, but they were all extremely delicious. The Sakura Blossom, one of Shizenya’s speciality rolls, features fresh crab (with mayo), spicy albacore tuna, cucumber and avacado wrapped up with wild sockeye salmon. It comes with some salad in the middle and is all drizzled with a creamy maple dressing. This roll was amazing! The fresh crab meat was a delight, and the spicy tuna really added a lot of flavour to the roll – and the salad dressing kept everything in check. I loved it!

Sakura Blossom Roll - Ingredients

Sakura Blossom Roll - $12.95/10pc

The simpler rolls are very reasonably priced at Shizenya. I also ordered a Dynamite Roll and a Wild Samon and Avocado Roll. The tempura was not fresh out of the fryer, but the roll itself still had a bit of crunch to it, and overall it was quite flavourful but it had a bit too much rice. The salmon and avocado roll was a delight – the seaweed was perfect and the salmon was delicious.

Dynamite Roll - $4.45/6pcs

Salmon & Avocado Roll - $2.95/6pcs

Overall, the food here was really quite good for a Japanese restaurant using brown rice. They also have a few other items that I’m hoping to try the next time I go back, including the wild sockeye salmon tataki salad ($9.95) and the Natural Bomber Roll ($11.95/10pcs) – tiger prawn tempura, fresh crab, and organic spring mix topped with avacado.


985 Hornby Street, Vancouver
(604) 568-0013

Mon to Fri 11:30am – 8:00pm
Sat to Sun 11:30am – 6:00pm

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