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A hundred year’s sleep

As I was writing thank you cards, I re-read one from my aunt where she wrote in Chinese:

tee: ‘bat leen ho cup’?
a: ‘bat leen ho hup
tee: what does that mean?
a: a hundred years of being together
tee: give me another sentence with the word ‘hup’ in it
a: um…
tee: ‘hup an fun’? (which means to sleep)
a: … yes. may you sleep for a hundred years.

100 done, another … 60 or so more to go. Oh boy.


This is my maid of honour everyone. Thank goodness she has a good sense of humour.

elaine: so we decided to get titanium bands because they’re cheap and they last forever!
me: just like your looooooooove *holy crap, did I just say that? I didn’t mean that! I hope she didn’t hear me*
both: ……..
elaine: wait, what?

wedding recaps to come soon, I promise. I really should update this thing more often. Also I updated the “Listening To” section to show the songs we used during our wedding. I love all of them – I actually had a lot more that I wanted to use but we had to narrow the list down a lot. For example, I wanted to use Ingrid Michaelson’s The Way I Am as our first dance, but A said it would be too hard to dance to. And by the time everyone left, they all missed the last dance song which was the best song of the night, Flight of the Conchord’s Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room). I’ll tell you more about it later!

Freighter names are funny.

While out canoeing in the OC6:

Trevor: where should we canoe to?
RT: how about that freighter at your 2 o’clock?
Trevor: the red one? what’s the name of it? Golden what?
RT: Golden 888 Energy.
[ the freighter was actually called Golden Energy]
Trevor: one of those Asian names.
RT: Lucky Elephant Dragon Energy.

It’s funny because it’s true. Freighters always have weird names.

On Sungha Jung

FYI, Sungha Jung is the most amazing and adorable guitar player on youtube.

tee: i love this kid.
tee: i want to secretly kidnap him. and have him play guitar for my wedding.
tee: I’d feed him?
jsey: u want to kidnap a kid to play at ur wedding
jsey: when ur against me having kids produce valuable commodities!
tee: …. this is important!

Clearly I don’t consider this a bridezilla moment.


and super easy to make too, minus the dipping in chocolate bit. The only problem is I don’t have the necessary equipment to temper the chocolate, so these babies can’t leave the fridge otherwise they’ll get all gooey :(

delicious chocolate goodness.

delicious chocolate goodness.


Also, crab curry. But I didn’t take any pictures of it before I devoured the whole thing. :)

Father’s Day!

after hanging up the phone:

t: bonus points for calling my dad to wish him happy father’s day while he’s out for lunch with my cousin’s fam and our visiting relative!
a: and what are these points redeemable for? :)
t: … daddy hugs?

cake and coding go hand in hand.

jsey: so picture a DQ ice cream cake.
tee: okay.
jsey: the outside of the cake is the presentation layer. and the icing between cake layers is the middleware that holds everything together! that way the layers can interact together.
dubPR: i want a blizzard.
tee: don’t distract! I’m learning!
jsey: … and a blizzard is like cloud computing with everything mixed in.
dubPR: hey who wants to go get a blizzard?

Discussed over a Starbucks break.

Power Rangers 2009!

jsey: maybe if i always dressed in one color… i’d get an associated … giant robot to go with my style
tee: possibly. which animal would you get?
jsey:  mmm… thats like “if you were to get a power ranger robot animal, which one would it be?”
jsey: i think the animal that best match me would be…. a monkey. or a lemur
tee: omg, I’d be a penguin wouldn’t I? that’s … kinda useless.
jsey: yah wut would u do… slide around on ur stomach?


I heart bon jovi!

So while I’m trying to justify and cut costs to make this wedding of mine… realistic, I’m also waiting online for ticketmaster.ca to open the floodgates and let me buy bon jovi concert tickets for their show at GM place on December 15!!! Budgeting in my head works as follows:

can you go cheaper? < is it necessary? < is it for bon jovi? So while I'm whining over the cost of tickets ($47 for the cheapest seats! :( ) I'm also trying to see who will go watch the concert with me.

tee: I don't think I'll be able to see the seating prices until 10am
tee: the website just says $47 to $750 (750 is just retarded!)
ML: but for 750, u get to touch his hair !!
ML: woooo.. tempting now.. eh ?
tee: ....
tee: :shock:
tee: .... maybe i'll pay 750.................
ML: steal some hair from him...replicate his DNA and make good-lookin' babies.

A, I love you!! :oops:

UPDATE: I got my tickets!!!! I'm so so so so so excited!! I sent an meeting request to my fiance already for the concert. Yes, in December. Wheeeeeeeee!!!! :D

what what what?!

Fiance and I went out for a nice dinner to celebrate our upcoming 6 year anniversary :D City Dine was happening around the town, so I made a reservation at Stone Grill after a coworker mentioned it was great and healthy(er).

While sharing my cheesecake dessert, A & I talked about our time spent in Vancouver, and how to assess the worth of effort you put into something. The conversation ended up going something like this:

a: I mean, our camping trip to garibaldi, that was worth it. how many people do you know can say they hiked up the garibaldi? It’s something completely different. I’d say it was the highlight of my summer.

t: EXCUSE ME?!?!?! *fork with cheesecake on it halfway to my mouth*

a: eeer…. I mean… it was … one of… the highlights….

t: no. no it wasn’t. there is only ONE highlight of the summer. everything else is everything else.

a: okay, let’s just say garibaldi was a good experience

t: this dinner is so over! :mad:

In other news, I’m trying to assess the proper amount to be spent on the wedding & reception. Can one have two receptions – one for family and one for friends? Is that unheard of? My brain is full of a gazillion thought bubbles and if-then statements, nothing seems to be jumping out as inspiration though. I’m so glad we decided on 2009…

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